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The Fashion Revival – Spring Trends 2014

You know those items in your closet that, no matter how much dust they cover from disuse and no matter how many you-seriously-still-own-these looks you get from friends, you couldn’t bear to hand over to Clinton and Stacy (of What Not to Wear)?  Good news!  It might be time to show those items the light at the end of your closet.  If those guilty items are skinny scarves, gauchos, Birkenstocks, or overalls, that is.

1.  Skinny Scarves 

Remember how super jealous you were of Miley/Hannah’s closet on Hannah Montana?  Well, a lot of things have happened since 2006.  Miley has stripped off a little more than her neck accessories… and the skinny scarf has experienced a fashion comeback. 


Besides the artful play on Hannah’s sequined scarf with the sequin-y backdrop, can I also draw your attention to Miley’s duck face, perhaps her early experimentation with alternative mouth poses.


No sequins here!  The scarf revival depends on cool patterns and textures, with a badass Barrymore attitude to match.  If you’re really feeling adventurous, try experimenting with how you tie the scarf, like the model with the blue scarf. 

2.  Gauchos

If the word ‘gauchos’ conjures up images of Garibaldi riding around Latin America, or even worse, your 12-year-old Sunday school glory days, have no fear.  History is not repeating itself.   


All you history majors can back me up – history is about learning from your mistakes. 

Both of these characters can strike a pose, but let’s be honest, the gauchos of the 1860s and 2000s are just not what a 2014 fashionista needs.  The ghosts of gauchos past should be classified as historical artifacts, and stay there. 


The Gaucho Trouser

The experts over on Lucky Magazine’s website suggest thinking of the trouser as just a voluminous skirt, with legs.  And if H&M stocks them, you know you’re good. 

Still skeptical?  I can assure you that this won’t top the list of your biggest mistakes in the calf-length roomy pants department.

3.  Birkenstocks

O, the Birkenstock.  Friend of the West Coast college student and the European backpacker.  For many, Birkenstocks have never gone out of style, but for those of us who retired our pair long ago, it might be time to re-embrace these German sandals. 


My first question.  Why the socks?  My second question.  Where’s the flood?

The current trend steers toward the two strap Birkenstocks, but please don’t follow this guy’s lead.


It’s all about contrast.  Pair the Arizona or Gizeh with some of your more formal fabrics, like silk or leather, for the perfect casual/dressy outfit.

What do you do when you no longer have Orlando Bloom on your arm?  Put Birkenstocks on your feet (and a man’s overcoat on your shoulders?).


For those already well-stocked in the classic styles, try the company’s super cute new shoes: the Dundee and the Maine. 

4.  Overalls

Overalls have enjoyed an upsurge in popularity over the past few years.  If you’ve been avoiding the trend because you’re unwilling to relive the 90s, take a deep breath.  These are not your throwback denim jumpsuits.  


Now this is the story all about how …

*NSYNC, the Fresh Prince, and Rachel were undeniably cool in their day.  But that was twenty years ago.  The overalls trend of 2014 requires an update.  And please, please no one-strappin’. 


The overalls on the runway this season came in an array of materials and colors, from black (Rag & Bone) to leather (Alexander Wang).  Who knew that overalls could look so polished? 

Buy the Forever 21 pair on the far left for less than $30! 

A wise man once said, “What goes around, (goes around, goes around) comes all the way back around.” I’d like to add a caveat to Mr. Timberlake’s expression: what goes around comes around, but with a makeover.  These styles are chic upgrades of your middle school nightmares.  So while I might not hold my breath on a Crocs comeback any time soon – or ever – most fashion trends will continue to rise and fall on the fashion Wheel of Fortune. 

With my pale skin and curly hair, it might look like I spend all of my days in the library--which I totally could because I LOVE to read--but I promise I don't. I am an avid subscriber to Vogue, Lucky, and InStyle (you can infer my passion for shopping from that, right?). When I can't find what I want on the racks, I'll sew it myself. Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly are my style icons, not to mention stars in some of my favorite classic movies. Little Rock, AR native and Davidson, NC resident. Instagram - elaineruthb Twitter - @ElaineRuthBoe
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