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A Dozen Red Carpet Studs

When the lights faded on Dolby Theatre this past Sunday night, it marked the end of a season of little gold statues, high stake bets, and red carpet envy. The leading ladies, as always, sported some memorable outfits, but what really struck my eye this award season was the men. Red suit, navy suit, baby blue suit, plaid suit. These Hollywood hunks covered all their bases, and looked damned good while doing it. 

Here’s a round up of this season’s hotties:

Golden Globes

1.     Eddie Redmayne – The boy is always getting it right on the red carpet, and this velvet jacket is no exception.

2.     David Oyelowo – As if his shimmery suit wasn’t enough to make us swoon, his shoes are also sparkly.

3.     Adrian Grenier – That smile, that hair, those eyes… all very distracting from his debonair plum suit.

4.     Matt Bomer – Many men favored blue on the red carpet this year, but few did it better than Mr. Bomer.

5.     Alan Cumming – Even though this suit had the potential to wash him out, Cumming pulled it off by wearing cheeky sneakers and throwing up deuces.


6.     John Legend – The gray suit sans tie works for this baby-faced singer.

7.     Donald Glover/Childish Gambino – Why doesn’t he look happy when he’s rocking a suit like that with smoking slippers like those?

8.     Nick Jonas – Gone are the days of band tees and purity rings. This Jonas Brother has grown up, but I don’t see anyone complaining.

9.     Ne-Yo – There’s a lot going with the fedora, sunglasses, and fleur-de-lis pin, but this man knows how to make it work.


10. Jared Leto – Who would’ve thought that baby blue could look so cool? Only on Jared.

11. Chris Pine – For such a classically good-looking man, a vintage-inspired jacket is the way to go.

12. Channing Tatum – Dapper, as always.

So much smolder, so much class, so much style. These boys know how to steal the show from the ladies. I, for one, am happy to let them.

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