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Cute Cats at Carolina Cup 2014

This past weekend Davidson girls hit the (muddy) ground running…much like the horses we didn’t really watch.  The spring dresses and pastels replaced the sun that came out for a few minutes in the afternoon at Carolina Cup. 

The Lilly and the pearls, ladies — you cannot go wrong.  And of course, the floppy sunhat is always encouraged, though not a must!  If you don’t like the hat look you’re not alone.  Also note the strategic ticket placement- wrapped around a hair tie is an ingenious way to avoid wrinkling dresses!

You don’t have to go Lilly to go to the Cup, and these ladies certainly look smoking in more form fitting spring colors.  Both kept it prepfest apropo by sticking to great spring colors, and horse race apropo with the cowboy boots.  And of course, pearl studs and gorgeous hair are must-flaunts.

The rain almost caused some serious issues, but it stayed just at bay.  Most of Davidson’s girls forewent the ever popular (and ever present) Jack Rogers for more serious mud-ready footwear.  Bean boots were huge this year, along with Hunters.  Props to pulling off the boots and dresses look ladies.

And here’s yours truly (highly caffeinated).  I chose to forgo the really nice and expensive dress for one that I wouldn’t so much mind if it got *stuff* spilled on it.  Target dress, Target boots, fake Raybans, and my pearls.  It’s not who you’re wearing at the Cup ladies, but HOW you wear it. 

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