Campus Profiles: The Light and Spirit of Davis Cafe, Antonishia L. Davidson aka Pebbles

If you haven't met Ms. Pebbles, you have to. With her energy and joyful personality, she will cheer you right up. Even these few minutes with Ms. Pebbles will probably be the highlight of your day. You really need that kind of comfort especially when you show up at Union at 10:45 p.m., looking like a hot mess while holding while holding a cup of coffee in each hand.

I love to joke around with Ms. Pebbles simply because I know that she would never get mad at me. I do not only share happy moments with Ms. Pebbles. One time, I showed up at Union when both of my eyes were red and swollen. I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying in my room an hour ago.

Ms. Pebbles came up to me and asked, "Why are you crying?"  

Me: I'm not crying...  

Ms. Pebbles: Come on Win Win. Why are you crying?  

Then I told her about my personal life and the reason why I was sad. You might wonder why I told a stranger about my personal life. I only see Ms. Pebbles for a few minutes a day. How come I got so close to her? Well, I can simply answer that question. I can see that she truly cares about me, as well as about every single student at Davidson. Therefore, I believe that if I told my story to her, she will approach it with an understanding instead of making judgments about me. In Ms. Pebbles, you can see the warm-hearted and loving personality that helps you got through the day. If I can pick my favorite thing about Union, it's not the food since it's getting very repetitive these days, it would be the presence of Ms. Pebbles. 

This is the conversation that I just had with Ms. Pebbles in hope to provide you a better understanding of the reason why I, as well as other students, love Ms. Pebbles so dearly. 

Me: Hello, Ms. Pebbles!

Ms. Pebbles: Hello, Win Win. 

Me: Where do you currently live? 

Ms. Pebbles: Mooresville, NC 

Me: What is your favorite color? 

Ms. Pebbles: Purple 

Me: How long have you worked at Davidson? 

Ms. Pebbles: Four years. It will be my fifth year here this year.

Me: Do you have any children? 

I do. I have two girls and one boy. They are the world to me. 

Monica (9), Braylen (11), and Mone (12)

Me: What is your favorite kind of drink? 

Ms. Pebbles: Alcoholic drink or regular drink? JK. Just put down water. 

Me: What is your favorite food? 

Ms. Pebbles: Soul food 

Me: What is your favorite moment at Davidson? 

Ms. Pebbles: The moment that I received the Davidson Spirit Award for employees

Me: What is your least favorite moment at Davidson and why?

Ms. Pebbles: Graduation. Because ya leaving me.

Me: Do you have any advice for young girls about relationships? 

Ms. Pebbles: Take your time. Don't rush.

Me: How about life? 

Ms. Pebbles: Live to the fullest. 

Me: What is the most exciting that happened to you so far? 

Ms. Pebbles: I just purchased my first house. I am going to own a house at this young age. 

Me: Who are your favorite freshmen? 

Ms. Pebbles: You. Uhm, no. Actually, I have a tie. It's you and Kaitlin Barkley' 20.

Me: Who are your favorite sophomores? 

Ms. Pebbles: Preston Grase' 19 and Serena Sewell' 19 

Me: Who are your favorite juniors? 

Ms. Pebbles: Jordan Watkins' 18

Me: Who are your favorite seniors? 

Ms. Pebbles: I don't have any. Sorry to the senior class.

Me: What is the one thing you love about Davidson students? 

Ms. Pebbles: Honesty [#honorcodeforlife}

Me: What is the one thing that you think that Davidson students need to improve on? 

Ms. Pebbles: Manners.

I think that it's very important that we, as Davidson students, have an appreciation and respect for Ms. Pebbles as well as other Davidson employees. We should treat them with respect and kindness because without these people we wouldn't be able to have good food to eat, a clean place to stay, and a good environment in which to learn. Most importantly, these workers are someone's parents. You, as a younger person, should always treat these workers like the way you want people to treat your parents. My mom once told me: "Appreciate everything, even the smallest things that others have done to you because, without the small things, you can never do big things." I appreciate Ms. Pebbles as well as other employees' hard work and without them, I would never have the privilege to not to have to worry about anything else besides my education. So, after reading my article, find a Davidson employee and tell them how much you appreciate them.

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