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Campus Profile: Jeremy Andreades

I first met Jeremy Andreades in our Latin Dance class last year. He was charming, funny, and a great dancer – super important for me as most of the time I had no idea what I was doing – and we became fast friends. Every time I see him he greets me with a smile and almost immediately begins to lead me in a dance, regardless of location. Jeremy has that rare ability to make you feel at home in his presence, to lower your inhibitions, and to make you feel incredibly special; when he spins or dips me, I feel like a Princess, even though I’m in my sweatpants in the union and I haven’t showered for three days. We’re lucky that Her Campus national has decided to combine Campus Cutie and Campus Celebrity into one big Campus Profile, because honestly, Jeremy is both. This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy (what an honor!) and compiled this familiar list of cutie/celeb qualities that you may find interesting.

Name – Jeremy Andreades

Hometown – Mostly grew up in NYC…I now live in the middle of nowhere Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s Amish country.

Year – I identify as year of 2017 most often.

Major – Political Science

Zodiac sign – Leo

Hogwarts house – Hufflepuff

Relationship status – In a relationship

Campus activities – Hall counselor on 4th Rich, plays violin for various groups including RUF, helps run International Justice Mission, Rugby team, recreationally dance…a lot (he’s really good).

Favorite fandom – Star Wars

What you look for in a girl – Intelligent and thoughtful, someone who can laugh and make other people laugh no matter how stressful the time is, compassionate to people who are not necessarily her best friends.

Perfect date – Depends on the girl; I prefer really creative dates, so something having to do with what she likes. I really like eating (but doesn’t like the idea of watching someone else eat for a first date, so don’t ask him to dinner). I like to dance, I like the outdoors so some sort of adventure.

Dream job – If I had the skill, professional musician; food critic because I like to eat. A lot.

So leadership. Much serious. Wow. Amaze.

Fave place to travel/where you want to travel – Go to China

Guilty pleasure – Vanilla milkshakes and the Entertainment Channel. Preferably together.

Fave show on tv right now – Parks and Rec

Most interesting thing you’ve done in your life so far – Sit for this interview.

Fave Disney movie – The Jungle Book

Ultimate turn-off – Controlling cynicism; I can appreciate cynical humor

Celebrity crush – Betty White

Fave breakfast food – Bacon on Cheerios

Fave dessert – Cheesecake

If you could be an animal – gopher

Fave color – forest green

But wait, there’s more!

If all that hasn’t convinced you of Jeremy’s stardom, here are some fun facts that just might do the trick:

He was homeschooled before high school,

He has 3 siblings,

He did fencing and gymnastics in high school, and was on a debate team,

He had a fascist high school administration (this is an interesting story, but it’s totally true…talk to him to find out!)

He enjoys cooking but he’s not good at it (don’t we all?),

He self-proclaims that he takes on projects that are way too big and can’t finish them;

and last but not least,

He was in Honduras this summer working with the Micah project, a holistic environment that helps out kids on the street with various drug problems 

Seriously guys, this dude is so cool. Go talk to him – you’ll be glad you did!

Basically Jesus. Go talk to him!

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