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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Davidson chapter.

Name: Perry Levine

Year: Senior

Hometown: Venice, California

Major: Art History

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Cutie Perry is in the middle.

When Perry walks into Summit to meet me for our interview, he nonchalantly scans the room, waves, and heads for the bar to order a drink.  Having effortlessly cultivated the aesthetic of a senior art history major, he is sporting an ever-so-slightly wrinkled white t-shirt and jeans.  A few minutes later he sits down beside me, with a skim chai latte in hand.  Bundled up, but still shivering, I realize that this California native is doing his best to fight through the first truly cold day in Davidson, NC. 

“So what is this exactly?” he asks me, evidently amused.  I explain what the interview is about and he shrugs and laughs.  “Alright, let’s get started then.”

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

I’d like to jump higher.  Actually no, you know what would be cool?  I’d like to move things with my mind.  I mean how often have you been sitting on the couch and seen the remote and been like damn, if only it were closer.  That would be a nice super hero power to have…for efficiency.

Do you have a life motto?

Life’s better lived a la mode.

Touché Per.

What type of Music do you listen to?

A blend between old rap, dancehall reggae, and I don’t know—I like everything.  A lot of old R&B as well.

Are you involved in anything on campus?

I help out at the art gallery a lot.  Oh, and I’m in (he points to Kappa Sigma Fraternity house). 

Favorite foods?

Are we talkin’ entré? Are we talkin’ snack?  Oh, just an assortment of my favorite things?  Quiche, (he pauses) I like breakfast, eggs ya know, a good scramble, nice omelet.  And schwarma, that’s my favorite.

If you could travel somewhere, all expenses paid for, where would that be?

Well I’m tempted to say a hot place right now.  But I would love to see China, or Russia.  There’s a huge desert in China!  I want to see that and the Great Wall of China.

If you could give a piece of advice to your freshman self, what would that be?

Wake up earlier…just start everything earlier.  Because then if you finish things you’ll have time to do what you want.  Also have more hobbies…It’s about projects, I really like projects.  My Dad and I used to always watch “How It’s Made” and those types of shows and sometimes we would just say ‘lets build that,’ or say ‘I don’t know how to fish, lets go fishing.’

Do you have a spirit animal?

Well, in high school, these two kids photo copied a letter from the school, the heading, the envelope, an official school letter, and sent it to everyone the day of graduation, as if they were the administration, saying we’ve assessed you over your high school career and based on your performance we’ve determined your spirit animal.  And they sent everyone a spirit animal and obviously it was kind of a joke but it was also kind of spot on.  They gave me Water Buffalo.  My Dad just called me up and was like why does your high school think you’re a Water Buffalo, and I was just like I dunno man.

What’s your ideal date?

(He looks off into the distance). You know those little paddleboats?  That would be great.  It’s got to be on the water.  Some kind of water has to be involved, whether you’re on water, near water, looking out over the water, something about water just helps.  It does the work for you.  Because if you don’t have anything to say you can just point to the water and be like have you seen that water?  It’s great water.

Is there anything else that you want the Davidson community to know about you?

He thinks about this for a second.

Actually, you know what, I take that back, I take it all back, ideal date, sandwich shop because you can tell everything you need to know about someone from their sandwich order.  It’s an ideal situation to assess whether or not this is worth it.  Because if it’s a bad sandwich, I already know.  And, a sandwich leads to great places because you can take a sandwich anywhere, it’s an on-the-go food.  I take it all back, every answer to this whole thing, sandwich.  What is my astronomical sign?  Sandwich.  If I was with a girl and she got a sandwich on a bland piece of bread or a bland sauce, or spread…that reflects on her personality.  If you ask for mustard, that’s great, I love mustard, but if you just say “yellow is fine,” I can’t have that, it’s got to be Dijon, or at least honey.  I like yellow depending on the situation, but if you have the power, never settle.

There you have it ladies—he’s cute, witty, he even drinks spiced, seasonal beverages.  This Campus Cutie is a winner.