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Campus Cutie: Nick Grube ’14

The ladies of Her Campus Davidson had an easy time picking this blue-eyed soccer star as our Campus Cutie for the week. When we sat down with him at New Summit, it wasn’t hard to see why. His laidback personality, killer smile, and great sense of style are a winning combination. The diamond earrings. The Timberland boots. Go ahead and take an Advil ladies, because this is going to hurt. It’s Nick Grube.

Name: Nick Grube

Class: Senior

Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta

Major: English

Minor: None

Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois

Relationship Status: Single

Activities: Varsity Soccer Team, pick-up basketball, anything sports related

So before the interview we were basically praying…

…and asking each other, “He’s an English major do you, like, know any Jane Austen?!” But Nick is so down to earth and easy to talk to that we totally didn’t even have to try and remember the last time we read To Kill A Mockingbird.

What’s your favorite TV show? House of Cards. My favorite character has gotta be Frank Underwood.

Favorite class at Davidson? I’ve taken five or six Brenda Flanagan courses. She’s my girl. She’s an English professor, and I’ve taken stuff like Caribbean Lit and African American Lit with her.

You’re an English major, what’s your favorite book? Either Shogun by James Clavell or The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

Alright, let’s get down to the more important questions. They’re famous around campus and the topic of more than a few group texts — those earrings. Haha, I had no idea. A bunch of my friends in middle school and in the neighborhood had earrings but my mom wouldn’t let me get any. She thought I’d look like a punk. So naturally, I waited until college to get my ears pierced. A couple of older soccer guys took me to Claire’s to get them done and I guess the rest is history.

You also have your own style, different from many of the guys on campus. What influences the way you dress? I wouldn’t say I dress “well” by any means. In the past, my friends have used terms like “strange” and “homeless” and “pathetic” to describe my wardrobe. But I guess my sense of style now is motivated by how I look at myself. I like hip-hop. I enjoy playing basketball and soccer and reading fiction. All of these things play a part in how I’ve cultivated my own unique sense of style. I’m not too concerned with what others think. As for the Tims, up North they’re pretty much a staple. They definitely stick out on campus here but I love that.

We’re dying to know, what do you look for in a girl? Intelligence, humor, and most importantly, compatibility. It’s kind of a vague term and in a lot of ways a bit indescribable. I like a girl that can hang with the guys but not make it all about her. It’s got to be natural, genuine.

Favorite place to take a girl? I’ve never really thought about that. But I like rollercoasters a lot, so maybe taking her to a theme park.

One app on your phone you couldn’t live without? Right now probably that Yik Yak thing…I think it’s kind of terrifying, though.

What are you listening to right now? CyHi the Prynce, Lucki Eck$, Schoolboy Q, Chance, and Purity Ring

Do you have any phobias? I hate spiders. I’m also not particularly fond of stinkbugs. 

What will you miss the most about Davidson? Probably the people and going out. I’ve gotten a lot more social the past couple of years, and going out has been pretty fun lately. It’s like the last senior hurrah.

And the least? Definitely the work. It’s horrendous. I saved my lab and math requirements until now.

Plans after graduation? I’ve got a couple options, I’m just trying to figure it out. I’m trying to stick around in Charlotte. It’s so cheap, and you know everyone in the area.

And finally, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Reese’s and milkshakes.

There it is y’all. Basically, if you wanna be his lover you gotta get with his friends. And be genuine. You don’t even have to worry about how you look when the camera takes your picture on the rollercoaster! Sweet and humble, it’s obvious Nick Grube doesn’t know he’s beautiful.

a sassy south carolinian who prefers bulldogs to people
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