Campus Cutie: Mel Geigerich

"Got the body of a goddess...."
- T-Pain
Most people know Mel before actually knowing Mel. From the time she was a first-year student to now, Mel has always had celebrity status on campus for being the leggy blonde on the Women's Basketball team. Of course, there's so much more to Ms. G than being tall--she's smart, funny, down to earth, and always ready to laugh. These are some of the things this week's Campus Cutie wants you to know about her: 
Hometown: What most jokingly refer to as the "great white North" aka Wolfeboro, NH
Activities: Women's Basketball team and coaching the lovely soccer ladies' "poppin j's we sweatin" intramural basketball team
Social Affiliations: Connor
Relationship Status: Single
Zoadiac Sign: Leo
Major: Psychology
Dream Job?
Traveling the world to study psychology in different cultures and capturing different people's emotions through photography.
Motto to Live by?
"Live the life you love, love the life you live."
Dream Date?
Being from NH, I love the outdoors, so I'd say probably a picnic on the beach or on top of a mountain after hiking. 
Favorite Music?
I like pretty much everything but I'd say my favorites are Tropical House, Classic Rock, or Indie. 
Ideal Partner?
Someone who is outgoing, active, loves music, is smart, and definitely is not afraid to be a little weird at times.
Ideal Friday Night?
Hanging out in my apartment with the ladies of "Flowetown" and then dancing all night to fun music with my friends.
Best Classes You've Taken at Davidson?
Rehab Psychology Seminar or Basic Drawing.
Senior Spring Bucket List?
Climbing on the roof of Commons, seeing the horses at Carolina Cup, and watching the sun rise at lake campus.
Anything else?
In case you haven't asked me yet…the answer is 6'5".