Campus Celebrity: Tyler Kalinoski

A couple of weeks ago, I got to sit down with this week’s Campus Celebrity for one of the most hyped interviews in HC Davidson history. After all, everyone has questions for Tyler Kalinoski about basketball, his future plans, and his favorite Davidson basketball moment. Since I emailed him the week of the NCAA Tournament, I was honestly surprised that Tyler agreed to meet with me. But once we got talking I understood—even though Tyler might be one of the most recognizable faces in college basketball and one of the most google-able people at Davidson, he really is a humble, friendly guy. Of course, we started out talking basketball.

On that final shot against La Salle: I guess, instinct took over. Honestly the last thing I remember was catching the ball.

Favorite Bob McKillop story: There are so many! One that stands out is when we were in Brooklyn and the team was eating breakfast. Coach just comes in, looks around, and announces, “It’s game day baby!”

On his favorite basketball moments at Davidson: I would say my freshmen year after we won the conference championship game. I remember everyone just jumping up off the bench—it was something I had always dreamed of.

Tyler said it was amazing to come back from the championship game and be met at Baker by fans with signs welcoming them back to Davidson. “That really embodied Davidson for me,” Tyler said, “this place treats you like family.”

On moving to the A-10: It gives Davidson a lot of recognition. It really puts the school's name out there. Although, it adds to pressure on the court because every single game counts. 

On being ranked 8th hottest College Basketball player: He laughs. I think it’s funny but also awesome. They put my Twitter handle in the article and I noticed some random girls started following me. 

On his future plans: I would like to play basketball professionally. Of course the NBA would be awesome or I can play overseas.

Obviously we chatted a lot about basketball, but I also asked Tyler about his life off the court.

Last Netflix binge: House of Cards.

What do you do for fun: I like to play video games or watch movies. Oh and I joined the Sustainability Council!

What has translated from on the court to off the court most: TCC: trust, care, and commitment. We have that instilled into us every day. 

I asked Tyler what advice he would give a first year student at Davidson. He said, “meet as many people in the first three weeks. Join as many things as you can. Set up those memories for the next four years.” That advice—coming from TKal the beloved basketball star swishing threes or from Tyler the friend laughing as he tells me funny stories about his teammates' antics—is well worth taking.