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Campus Celebrities: Pablo Zevallos and Ben Callinder

Hometown(s):  Queens, NY

Relationship Status(s): Single

Zodiac Signs: Ben-Virgo/ Pablo-Aquarius

Social Affiliations: Ben-SAE /Pablo-None

Tracking down Pablo and Ben for an interview proved to be quite difficult. The newly-elected, New York natives are constantly on the move but, after a few failed attempts, we were able to meet our new student body President and Vice President. Both of us knew Ben and Pablo before their SGA campaign which made for a hilarious mix of personal anecdotes, lots of New York jargon (ie. yeah,son, ohdeee, ect.) and their big plans for the upcoming year. While this may be Ben’s first introduction to SGA, he has been involved with the Sudent Health Advisors and has taken a particular interest in mental health on campus. On the other hand, this is not Pablo’s first attempt at being elected President but after his loss last year, Pablo was able to come back with sharper goals for the campus and a clearer vision of himself and his ideal Davidson. Together, the fast talking, down-to-earth duo envision a campus that responds to the students’ needs including an expansion of the counseling center and more resources for Health Education and Title IX compliance. These impressive goals “were a result of us distilling what everyone had told us and putting it in as concrete terms as possible,” Pablo added. After discussing their professional goals, the conversation swiftly moved to over to the personal realm.  The running-mates fielded a list of crucial questions we compiled to convey their true-selves:


If you could pick one super power, what would it be?

Pablo: I’m not missing many, but of the few that I am missing, I would say…I’m really trying to think of what batman has that I don’t and I’m not getting anything.  We’ll go a Harry Potter route.  Actually no, we’ll go the star wars route.  I’m gonna go with using the force.  All of it…anything from self-healing to force-pushes, because you’re just in tune with the universe.  How could I argue with that?

Ben: Mine is a little simpler.  I would love to be able to teleport.  I miss my mama’s cooking…a little curried goat, a little oxtail now and again warms the heart, so I’d like to teleport back to New York every now and again.  Back to Prague, back to Thailand.  Different places in the world…I would be the ‘dos equis’ of Davidson.

What is your life motto?

Ben: This is what I would say…hustle hard.  Have you ever heard that Rick Ross song?  Whenever I’m in a bad mood or something I listen to that song.  I’ve been listening to that song since I’ve been getting As…academic As that is.  Inspiration from Rick Ross at all times. 

Pablo: “With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.”-John F. Kennedy

So you scale that to different contexts, the campus, the community; that to me is foundational as a guiding principal. 

What is your spirit animal?

Pablo: We’ll go with an elephant because they forget nothing.  I forget nothing. Nothing. 

Ben: I’m gonna say a bear because nobody wants to f**k with a bear.  Nobody in the woods is coming at the bear.  He does what he wants; he lounges, he sleeps, he eats.  Nobody is bothering that bear.

Ideal date?

Pablo: Long dinner and a walk in the park.  Riverside Park.  Dinner at a sit down place…I’m not very picky about cuisine.  A long conversation, the server has to kick us out.  And then a good walk by Riverside Park which is both a park and by the water which are both things I enjoy.

Ben: I like a girl who is very spontaneous, who does things on the fly.  The type of girl who, on a Saturday night is like let’s go to lake campus and jump.  I like a girl who is very willing to put up with my antics.  I’m a very goofy person so you’ve got to be able to work with that, keep it going.  Spontaneity is very big for me.  She has to have a confident walk; I love a woman who walks confidently.  Ideal date would be something where I could see that spontaneity…that zealousness.  It would begin in the late afternoon, something fun out and about.  Maybe something like Coney Island, the type of girl who is willing to go on a few rides, really just get into the day.  And you know, wind down with a nice meal and good conversation. 

Worst Date Stories?

Note: Ben’s story was too incriminating to write out but it involved a pseudo-double-date, a train platform kiss and two (rightfully) angry female interns.

Pablo’s involved a school dance, AIM, and a kissed he missed.  

You’ll have to ask them yourselves for more deets!

Anything else that you want us to know about you?

Ben: If I see you on the pavement and I walk past even though I know you, I’m not being mean, I’m just blind.  I have negative vision. 

Oh, and my real name is Behanzin.

Pablo: I have an eleven year old sister…I would not be who I am without my little sister. 


From the moment we sat down, we knew we were in for a real treat with these characters- and they did not disappoint! Make sure you take some time to get to know both Ben and Pablo, two hilarious and dedicated representatives of Davidson.





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