Campus Celebrities: Homecoming King and Queen


For anyone who knows the recipients, the two-pronged title of Homecoming King and Queen for Stewy Robertson and Stella Dadson is undoubtedly ironic; this sibling-like, dynamic duo was destined to become Davidson royalty from the time they hit campus freshman year.

When asked about her “agenda” as Davidson royalty, Stella explained that she planned to “to save the school…”  From what, you might ask?  “From Stewy!” 

This is going to be an interesting year.

Stewy, an Art Major from Kingston, Jamaica has spent his Davidson career in the VAC, doing everything from painting to print making; he’s the social chair of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and has proved himself to be quite a prankster. 

Stella, an Economics Major from Tema, Ghana, is involved in what seems like endless activities, from Davidson Admissions to Dance Ensemble.  A rather elusive character—some might even say mysterious—we can rarely track her down on campus (snap a pic if you’re lucky enough to spot her).

In her spare time, Stella “sleep[s] a lot,” watches numerous episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and has “random conversations with random people at random places.”  Realizing the potential implications of that comment, she added that these interactions typically transpire “in places that are well lit in open, public spaces.” Thanks for the clarification, Queen Stells.

In the rare moments of free time Stewy has these days, he goes to the lake (when there is nice weather), plays Fifa and “football,” and watches a lot of “football” (soccer—he means soccer).  “I guess a lot of what I do revolves around football,” he noted.

Stewy reflected on what it means to him to have been voted Homecoming King.  He explained that “the people who come up and congratulate us aren’t really our close friends or the people who we usually hang out with; it’s that minority freshman or that international kid who isn’t that involved in school but now looks up to you.  If you really look at it we now get to represent a lot of people.”  The Queen, despite her former comment, nodded and smiled in agreement.

And he’s right—the final outcome of the Homecoming Court this fall holds more meaning than it has in the past.  As Dean Shandley excitedly noted after their crowning, Stewy and Stella have made history: this is the first year since the beginning of the tradition that two international students have been voted King and Queen.  Despite being unusually far from home, it is clear that these two students have displayed enthusiasm and grace throughout their time at Davidson.

In case you’re too star-struck to talk to them when you see them on campus, the King and Queen have imparted a few words of wisdom they’ve acquired throughout their Davidson experience.

Stella urges younger students to “enjoy the people, break out of your bubble and comfort zone with your friends, have good conversations with random people, in random places…during broad daylight. Care a lot, stress out a bit, come back to your friends and just relax because the time goes by really fast.”

Stewy explained that at Davidson “people only know people in certain contexts. See how far you can operate outside of your comfort zone…for yourself and your own benefit. That's how you get involved in anything you do.” 

You had better believe it—this royal pair knows Davidson better than anyone.