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Business Blazers for Every Budget

Whether you’re a senior who has realized that you can’t stay in college forever or a sophomore who needs her first internship, all collegiettes need professional wardrobe staples to get them through those high-stress interviews. The blazer is an essential component of any business outfit. Why wait until the week before your interview to frantically search for the right one? 

I’m here to take the legwork out of the blazer search so you can focus on prepping for your interview. Below (from highest to lowest price) are options that work for the girl who wants an investment blazer that will last for years and the girl who wants to spend as little as possible. 

1. Tribune Blazer, Madewell, $148.

2. Y.A.S. Tall Clady Collarless Blazer, Asos, $97.

3. Long Wool Blazer, Gap, $89.99.

4. Women Stretch Jacket, Uniqlo, $79.90.

5. b.Young Tailored Blazer, Asos, $46.50.

6. ASOS Clean Blazer with Piping Detail, Asos, $44.50.

7. Open-front Boyfriend Blazer, Forever 21, $22.90.

8. Buttoned Linen Blazer, Forever 21, $10.

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