Bless the HC Holiday Survival Kit

It’s finals season. It’s rough. We’re struggling, and that’s where the Her Campus Holiday survival kit is here to save lives (or at least emotions).

1. Keeping Your Face Fresh For Finals

Everyone wants to look good during finals, but how often is that actually the case? Her Campus sweeps in to save the day. The Rimmel London products are just what you need for a quick look during finals. The Scandaleyes eyeliner goes on easy and the matching mascara gives you the longest lashes ever. Seriously. The bronzer is good for a summer day. The selling point is definitely the Provocalips lip color which lasts all day. I put it on first thing in the morning and never had to reapply. It’s fantastic. Also, everything is waterproof for the tears you’ll inevitably cry in office hours begging for a higher grade or after getting out of a rough final.

2. Treating Your Body

Stress can really take a toll on the body. Sometimes it’s nice to give it a special treatment. That’s where Leaders Cosmetics face masks come in. They’re designed for anti-pollution, calming, and moisturizing for those moments when your skin needs special attention. The Pure Silk shaving cream also has a fantastic fruity and calming scent and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It’s not exactly the season for shaving, but it’s a nice treat nonetheless.

3. Enjoy Sweet Freedom

Once you’re free from the prison that is finals, you can curl up and relax with tea and a book. The Yogi tea is meant for positive energy and a slim life, so it makes you feel good and is low calorie (if you care about that). Also, you get access to the Book of the Month club, so brew yourself some tea and get to reading, at least once your eyes feel like they can function again after two weeks of cramming.

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