Blast From the Past Music Review

Nick Jonas: Jealous

Josephine: Given my infatuation with Nick and the rest of the Jonas Brothers back in ’09, I am more than excited for Nick’s second solo album, out November. However, I must say that his single “Jealous” was a little disappointing. Though at times we catch glimpses of his natural talent, the single is a little too auto tuned for my liking, and just generally falls flat. Good thing Nick still has his good looks and abs!

Kiana: Like most 22 year olds, Nick is trying to figure it all out. His musical identity has taken a lot of turns, but his latest song is a surefire attempt at relevance. He sounds kind of like Jason Derulo, which is fine. Add the abs/mature look and I’ll buy what he’s selling.

HC Golden Pick: 

Fergie: L.A.LOVE (la la)

Kiana: Fergie’s new song sounds like Tinashe’s 2On (same producer--DJ Mustard) with the lyrical content of a Pitbull joint (let's shout out "cities" interchangeably with "countries" cuz we’re well traveled and u r not), but I’m neither surprised or disappointed by this one. Keep sing/rapping Fergie-Ferg, you do you.

Josephine: I can’t put a finger on what Fergie’s single “LA.LA.LOVE (la la)” reminds me of, but I kind of like it. There’s a lot of “Fergalicious” style rapping, complete with a mildly annoying tag line consisting just of “la la la la la.” It’s alright overall, but not particularly meaningful. Basically, if it weren’t by Fergie I wouldn’t be listening to it.

HC Golden Pick:

Jesse McCartney: Superbad

Josephine: Ah, Jesse McCartney. I could still listen to “Beautiful Soul” on repeat for hours. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about his new album “Technicolor,” which is not, in fact, very colorful. His single “Superbad” seems like it’s trying to channel the likes of Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, or even Bruno Mars, which just makes dear Jesse sound like he’s trying to be something he is not.

Kiana: We’ve followed his acting/singing career at various points of our teenage lives without hesitation. This one sounds like the Bruno Mars/Robin Thicke/heavily influenced by MJ sect of singers just without many memorable moments.

HC Golden Pick:

Gwen Stefani- Baby Don't Lie

Kiana: Sounds like "Burn" by Ellie Goulding--in a good way, of course. Gwen can really do no wrong in fashion or music, but I don’t feel her creativity and originality in this new single. I do, however, appreciate the “whatcha hiding boy?!” part--it was bananas.

Josephine: Gwen Stefani’s “Baby Don’t Lie” actually reminded me of Selena Gomez’s music, which is a little concerning considering that Selena is 23 years younger and should really be looking to Gwen for inspiration. That being said, Gwen’s single doesn’t necessarily fit my musical taste, although I can see how someone else could like it. It ain’t no “Hollaback Girl,” that’s for sure.

HC Golden Pick:

Hilary Duff: All About You

Josephine: I am all about Hilary Duff’s new single “All About You.” Can you play it driving with friends? Yes. Can you play it in the gym? Yes. Can you play it at a court party? Yes. Sure the song is pop-y and maybe a little sugar coated, but Hilary is a pop star after all, and girls gotta make a living! I’ve been loyal ever since I received “Metamorphosis” for my ninth birthday, so Hil get’s my endorsement!

Kiana: Pop music of the moment definitely has more of a folksy influence and you hear that in the beginning of this one. While the lyrics are a bit generic (and surprisingly suggestive) they are still coated with that signature Hilary Duff pop we know & love.

HC Golden Pick: