Big Little Week: Meme Edition

The Week Before Big Little Week:

Filling out your survey for your Big:

Listing your potential Bigs:

Describing your crushes so your Big can make your dreams come true:

Texting your friends to rush to your room so you don't have to witness your delivery alone:

When you're running late for your delivery:

Anxiously waiting for your delivery in your room:

When the theme your Big picked represents your spirit and heart very accurately:

When your basket is on fleek:

...Especially when you see all of your favorite foods:

When your Big is so crafty and creative you want to be her desperately:

Bragging about your Big to people even though you don't know her name:

When your Davidson crushes walk in your room...and hug you:

When the half-naked boys parade down your hall the first time:

When the half-naked boys parade down your hall for the 29849434723875th time:

Reacting to the acapella group deliveries:

Reading your Big's notes to you:

Waiting for your last basket:

When you're united with your Big:

The first hug with your Big:

First night getting crunk with your Big:

Mourning Big Little Week:

Enjoy Big Little Week This Spring &...

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