Being Vegetarian at Davidson

For most people, the thought of going without bacon, fried chicken, and hamburgers is enough to make them shudder. The thought of forgoing meat once seemed ridiculous to me, too, until I randomly decided to cut out the food group on a bored whim over a year ago. The transition to a meatless diet was actually very easy for me, and there have been few times, if any, where I felt like I was missing out. It’s easy to find vegetarian options at almost any restaurant these days. I was a little worried about maintaining my diet when I got to college, but luckily it hasn’t been an issue at Davidson. There’s always options no matter where you are on campus, and besides, the meat at Commons usually looks pretty suspicious anyway.


Here, I take advantage of the salad bar and load up on veggies, tofu, and beans. The “Chef Du Jour” can usually be made vegetarian, the “Express” line always has vegetarian sides (can you say ~eggrolls~?!), and there’s always the soup, sandwich bar, and cereal for easily customizable staples. Oh, and dessert. Dessert is always vegetarian.



Here, my go-to is a grilled spinach wrap with hummus and veggies. There are lots of vegetarian side options here, and some of my favorites are muffins, coleslaw, mozzarella sticks, sweet potato fries. The black bean burgers here aren’t bad, but they run on the dry side so I recommend loading up on ketchup.

Union Marketplace:

It wasn’t until recently I learned I could even use meal swipes here, but it’s perfect for when you need something really quick. My favorite swipe combo is a yogurt parfait, a Luna bar, and an Honest Tea.

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