9 Times SpongeBob Described Your Davidson Stress

With the mid-semester slump hitting students full force, sometimes we need to see that others can relate to our stress. To that end, here are 9 times that SpongeBob perfectly described your Davidson stress.

1. When your professor announces that she'll return your essays at the end of class, so you have to act calm and participate for seventy-five minutes.

2. When you leave your Friday afternoon class and have the whole weekend ahead of you.

3. When your professor calls on you to answer a question about a reading you didn't do because you prioritized a test in another class.

4. When you're 6+ hours into your all-nighter and think that maybe you could just force the information into your head.

5. When a professor asks a question that no one in class answers and you don't want to be called on.

6. When you finally feel inspired to start your paper.

7. When you need to keep yourself awake during that 8:15.

8. When your computer dies while you're writing your midterm essay.

9. When you finally turn in your last self-scheduled exam of the semester and you can say goodbye to Davidson until January.

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