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9 Small Misfortunes That’ll Make You Feel So Much Better About Yourself

Are you ever in a bad mood and you want to snap yourself out of it but can’t? Maybe you’ve resorted to saying something like “At least I’m not ___________” or “At least I don’t _________” to try and make yourself feel better. You’re playing the “it could be worse” card. As if thinking about the bad things that aren’t happening to you will make you forget about the ones that are, or make them seem trivial by comparison. How pathetic. But hey, who knows? Maybe it will work for you. With that hope, I present to you the 9 Small Misfortunes That You Should Be Glad Are Not Happening to You at This Moment In Time.

1) Realizing Your Car Battery is Dead When You’re Already Running Late

Anybody got jumper cables?

2) Accidentally Sending a Text to Your Dad Instead of Your Best Friend 

It sounds very weird out of context. In fact, it’s pretty weird in context.

3) Breaking Your Glasses

Reparo doesn’t work for muggles.

4) Losing Your Only Phone Charger

I’m sorry, you’re screwed.

5) Getting Locked Out of Your Room Post-Shower

And Your Towel is Pretty Short.

6) Infestation

It’s the middle of the night and you feel those bedbugs bite.

7) Your Computer Malfunctions and Your 12 Page Essay Disappears

It was not a good time for a Cyberspace Vacation, but your paper didn’t care.

8) Running into your Professor On Your Way to Skip Their Class

Must. avoid. eye. contact.

9) Dropping your Tray During Rush Hour At Commons


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Carlina is a junior Latin American Studies Major and History Minor at Davidson College and the founder of Davidson's Intercultural Dinner Dialogue program. She is Senior Editor and Co-Vice President of Her Campus Davidson. She is passionate about immigrant rights and is working on becoming a better ally to people of color.
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