7 Costumes to Pack for College Parties

As you pack for your first year at Davidson, you might wonder what kinds of outfits to bring for social events. Sparkly tops, formal dresses--some things are obvious necessities. But what about the themed court parties you'll want to attend? In order to avoid those last minute Walmart runs for a tacky t-shirt or tutu, here are some unexpected items to bring from home.

1.  White t-shirt

Day Glo, Eating House toppings, foam party. There are so many reasons why you need a cheap white t-shirt that you don't care about ruining.

2.  Leopard print

Ke$ha, Bungle in the Jungle, literally any time you want to look fierce. This will prove more versatile than you might think, I promise.

3.  Tacky t-shirt

For tacky t-shirt parties, of course. Whenever you need to look ironic, this will make it easy.

4.  White bedsheet

Toga party is one of the first themed court parties of the year. Alas, you can't rely on Lula Bell to supply you with a sheet for the weekend anymore. Bring your own, or go in your Star Wars sheets.

5.  Tutu

Depending on the color, a tutu could be appropriate for many different occasions. I even saw someone wear a multi-colored tutu at Frolics.

6.  Patriotic gear 

Sometimes there are multiple America themed court parties a year, so American flag shorts, an American flag bandana, or a bald eagle t-shirt (doing double duty as a tacky t?) will come in handy.

7.  Uniform skirt

Mathletes & Athletes is one of the more popular court parties. For me, it's an excuse to wear my high school uniform skirt again. Others wear suspenders, tennis skirts, or some variation of Britney Spears a la "...Baby One More Time."

More important than any t-shirt or thigh high socks you bring to college, bring your enthusiasm for adventure and excitement for new opportunities! 

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