6 Things You're Gonna Need for a Lit Frolics

So frolics is coming soon, and I appreciate this moment. Finally, Davidson does something nice for me. In order to have a lit frolics, you need to be prepared - so these are things you have to have for Frolics!!!

1) Goodies

There will be alcohol everywhere (I hope so) but you need some goodies for yourself so you can always be hydrated. Hydration is very important!

2) Chug Mug

You need a chug mug, a very big one, to keep you hydrated. Again, hydration is very important! You can also decorate your chug mug like a piece of art. The most important thing is that chug mugs are very cheap. The price of a chug mug ranges $0.88 to $2.88.

Let's drink in style!

3) Snacks

You need snacks, a lot of snacks. So eventually, you will be hydrated all day and you need to fill your stomach with some treats. Get snacks so you can continue to stay full!

4) Cute Outfits

Let's treat our frolics like Coachella!

5) Fanny Pack

You need a fanny pack to make sure that you have all of your stuff. You wouldn't want to wake up the next day losing your phone, would you?

6) Schedule

You need a schedule, the most scientific, professional, and smart schedule you will ever have in your life. Time for getting hydrated, time for getting dehydrated, time for fun, time for all the activities Davidson offers, time for a nap, time for other stuff (wink, wink!) needs to be regulated and kept in check.

If you don't like planning...

You will regret it!!!

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