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5 Perks of Being Anti-Social

1. You have become an expert at canceling plans

If, by some chance, someone has managed to make you commit to plans, you already know the perfect excuse to get out of those plans when the time comes and you realize that you can’t handle human interaction after all. 

2. You have lots of time to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows.

After canceling those plans, you are free to watch as much Netflix as your heart desires. 

3. You can have excellent, stimulating conversations with yourself.

Whenever you think that you might need to have a conversation with another human, you decide not to and have mental conversations where you know at least one person (you) will laugh at your jokes.

4. You rarely get involved in drama.

Rarely getting involved with people means that you rarely have to deal with their messy drama-filled problems.

5. People tell you secrets.

They know that you don’t talk to anyone so their secret is definitely safe. You’re in the know about all the latest gossip (without being entrenched in drama—see number 4).


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