The 5 People You Meet on Group Facebook Pages

1.The Entrepreneurs


Everyone loves to make a quick buck, and some people have mastered the art of doing this through social media. Whether they’re starting a business or selling their family's prized possessions, these people are probably rollin’ in it.

2. The Overachievers


This one applies more to the Facebook pages of incoming freshman. Everyone's posting little bios introducing themselves, but some people turn this into an opportunity to let everyone know they're a valedictorian, all-state athlete who's performed open heart surgery and plans on majoring in neuroscience, econ, physics and being pre-med. We get it, just go to Harvard already.

3. The Needy People


These are the people who are ALWAYS posting about whatever they've lost around campus, what random item they need to borrow, or asking something that could probably be easily answered by Google.

4. The Super Involved


It seems like people in this category have a different campus event to advertise on the daily. They're probably in 10 different clubs, president of at least three, and will not hesitate to unfriend you if you don't come to their charity picnic.

5. The Comedians


Ah, the comedians. They basically do everything the other people do, but they make sure to add some humor to it. Sure they may need to borrow your Hawaiian shirt, ask you to donate to charity, and they wanna brag about the internship they just got, but they're gonna make you laugh about it, too.

Which one are you?

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