5 Guys You Probably Have Dated: Country Stars Addition

In the dating world, there are cliches and stereotypes women see again and again. Here are 10 guys ladies often find themselves dating classified by some well-known country musicians. I mean I can’t be the only one who speculates what it must be like to date Tim McGraw or other silky voices I hear on my favorite country station?

1. Brantley Gilbert ~the Rugged One~



He loves being macho and needs to prove it every minute of the day which is hot hot hot. He also probably rocks a nice five-o-clock shadow and an old baseball cap and is a pretty simple, straightforward dude. His cologne of choice is his old spice deodorant and a perfect night for him is watching Monday night football, not with his guys but with you. He can be hard to read because he thinks showing emotions is too feminine so navigating arguments or serious topics with him can be challenging, but don’t give up on trying to crack into his soft, emotional side, you can coax it out eventually.


2. Luke Bryan, the ~Pretty Boy~

His smile will actually melt you and turn you into a babbling idiot no matter WHAT the dude does. You often find yourself day-dreaming about how dang beautiful your kids would be. His dashing, charming and can sweet talk his way into and out of any situation. Don’t get too jealous of him flirting with other girls, it’s just his nature, but know when to speak up for yourself when it really makes you uncomfortable.

3. Eric Church ~the Emotionally Damaged One~


A hopeless romantic, this man is spontaneous and everyone is always jealous of your cute relationship (you guys are GOALS). But, he is incredibly needy. He finds himself doubting you and the relationship, often times unwarranted because of previous bad girlfriends or other negative relationships from his past. Remember it’s not about you and try to be patient but at some point, you have to draw the line and make sure you are protecting your own self-worth!  


4. Kenny Chesney ~the Party Boy~

When you’re with him it’s spontaneous, crazy and fun. He is constantly introducing you to new people and new ideas and dating him is genuinely a roller coaster. But things can be rocky at times when he doesn’t give you the undivided attention you need and he struggles to realize where you guys might be in the relationship, and it can be hard to face those things without seeming boring or a buzzkill.

5. FGL’s Tyler Hubbard ~the Mama’s Boy~


This dude definitely loves his mom more than you, which isn’t always bad. He is in with your parents and your mom will be sure to bring him up even after you guys break up for another 5 years. You guys have taken amazing Instagram photos together and he is an all-around perfect southern gentleman. Only thing is he may not take risks and your relationship may be or was vanilla at times, but vanilla can be so sweet. 


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