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35 Thoughts I have at Cardio Hip-Hop

As a non-athletic woman with little to no hand-eye coordination, the prospect of having to take not one, but two physical education classes in college is daunting to say the least. Luckily, Davidson provides a lot of options and invites instructors from the community to teach classes. This semester I chose to take Cardio Hip Hop – super fun with all the latest hip-hop hits, but as mentioned before, with no coordination, I always have an interesting class. Here are the 35 thoughts I have while shakin’ (more like jigglin’) my bootay:

1. Standing alone ’cause I don’t know anyone here. What a geek.

2. Wow these lights are bright.

3. I don’t like these mirrors…there’s too much of me to see.

4. Is that really what I look like in tennis shoes?

5. Better find a spot, this place is filling up quickly. (Second row is the best, because there’s no pressure to set an example for the people in the back, but you can still see the instructor.)

6. Why is there a member of the male species here?!

7. Ok, ok. She’s turned down the lights, turned up the music…much better.

8. Oh. Here we go.


9. Oh. Oh no. This is already waytoofastformewhatdoido???

10. Congratulations. In your panic you slapped the girl next to you. Think it’s time to move…

11. Ugh I hate these 3 things, they always mess me up…y’know, the ones where you go once to the right, once to the left, then twice to the right again? And then you switch it the next time you do it? Maddening.

12. All right, we’ve done two songs and I am SWEATING.

13. Maybe the cross country team was right in voting you sweatiest girl sophomore year…*shivers*

14. YES I love this song! It really lets me display my one and only talent in life, shakin’ that thang.

15. Thank goodness my mama gave it to me.

16. Whew…maybe I don’t wanna see all that jiggling though…

17. I think I need a couple drinks before attempting these moves in public.

18. Guess it’s leg day…these squats are setting my thighs on fire!!!

19. I’m just sayin’…it better work.

20. I really love Partition (Beyoncé is bae) but these squat-holds for 30+ seconds are really killin’ my vibe.

21. B*tch don’t kill my vibe.

22. Whoops, stepped on her toes again.

23. Ok, I’m just gonna say it now…I really hate the new Justin Bieber. (Is it too late now to say sorry…?)

24. Awww get it girl.

25. Dang, she’s really good.

26. I wish I had those moves.

27. Whatever…Nicole says as long as you move your feet, you can’t go wrong.

28. And I do got the booty…

29. I am sweating my face off, so even if I don’t get all the moves right, I know I’m burning mad calories.

30. And we do the same moves every time, so I know I’m getting better at them!

31. Whew! What a workout.

32. Finally, time to cool down…this stretching feels sooo good.

33. Christina can really belt. Wow. You go glen coco.

34. Great, now I have to put my coat on over my glistening, stinky, sweaty body. Better wash that soon.

35. See you all next week!

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