20 Things Only People with Fitbits Do

20 Things Only People with Fitbits do:

1.) Have a touch down victory like dance when they hit their step goal.

2.) Take the stairs instead of the elevator to get more flights of stairs in their stats.

3.) Add someone as a friend on fitbit, solely to challenge them and beat them.

4.) Ask other people how many steps they have, because you know that you always have more.

5.) Base the productivity of their day off of how good their step count is that day.

6.) Pace up and down a hallway/ walk in circles before 12 a.m. just to hit their daily goal.

7.) Feel like a failure when they don't reach their goal on time.

8.) Feel like an Olympian when fitbit gives them a new badge. * little victories people *

9.) Don't want to take it off to charge even if its close to dying, because you do NOT want to risk losing steps.

10.) Wears their Fitbit with a new dress, because fashion is NOT a reason to lose those precious steps while you're out partying. 

11.) Rejecting follow requests from people with significantly higher steps than you, because that NEGATIVITY IS NOT NEEDED.  

12.) You will never be mad about needing to go to the mall, grocery shopping, etc...those places are step gold mines! 

13.) You get upset when other people do not understand your Fitbit priorities/ how great the marvelous Fitbit is.

14.) Don't mind parking far at stores, because hey! extra steps, am I right?

15.) You get tan lines from your Fitbit.

16.) Normal lazy days on the couch watching TV make you feel even more guilty now that you have a fitbit.

17.) You vaguely remember the days when you did not quantify your daily activity in numbers. 

18.) If you skip a day wearing it, you feel inclined to explain to your fellow Fitbit friends why your step count is so low.

19.) Exercise that you cannot wear your Fitbit for is a waste of time. 

20.) You realize how bad your sleep schedule is. 

& most of all you have sympathy for all of your fellow pals whom do not own this incredible creation. 


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