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15 Things Gilmore Girls Taught Us

Ah, Lorelai and Rory – the mother-daughter pair we all wanted to be. Lane – the best friend we all wanted to have. Luke – the neighbor/handyman/coffee supplier we all adored. Paris – the crazy friend we all secretly loved. Dean, Jess, Logan – the boyfriends we all coveted. Richard and Emily – the grandparents we were all super grateful we never had to have Friday Night Dinner with. Gilmore Girls accompanied us through our youth. We laughed, we cried, we mourned the super awkward and unsatisfying series finale. Here I bring you the definitive (not really, they’re just my favorites but whatever) list of life lessons we learned from our time in Stars Hollow.

1. Getting dressed really is the hardest part of the day.

2. We can’t all be morning people.

3. Express your emotions clearly.

4. Be selective when choosing a prospective significant other.

5. Be open to new ideas.

6. Some things are sacred. Like TV.

7. Choose your friends wisely.

8. Some things in life are just unavoidable.

9. Keep it classy.

10. Get creative with your insults.

11. Oy with the poodles already.

12. Keep your priorities straight.

13. Don’t be afraid to live your life.

14. When all else fails, screw it.

15. And a bonus: Hey, Mama. I know you’re reading this, so this one’s for you. Thanks for being the Lorelai to my Rory. I love you.

A recent graduate and North Carolina native, Caroline has a very healthy obsession with monograms and pearls. She loves musicals, elephants, books, Scandal, red lipstick, the Real Housewives, a good thank-you note, Oxford commas, and live-tweeting awards shows. Caro's constantly in pursuit of the perfect red nail lacquer and a bigger cup of coffee. If you enjoy sassy pop culture & political commentary and excessive use of the word "y'all," follow her on Twitter: @carolinebrooks_
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