11 Things that Happen When Your Bestie Visits

A lot of us have friends back home who we only get to see during breaks. College is sort of in its own separate sphere from them. But sometimes, they get to come and see you. Here’s what happens:

1. Dramatically running toward each other when you first meet up

2. Awkwardly leaving them in your room because you have class

3. Introducing them to your college friends

4. Sharing way too expensive college food

5. Giving them a tour of campus, which involves pointing at various buildings and saying their names and what they’re used for

6. Literally just sitting next to each other, doing nothing

7. Catching up on your favorite shows

8. Playing games with your friends (or letting everyone know how awful you are by playing Cards Against Humanity)

9. Wishing they could stay forever

10. Saying goodbye

11. Having to get back to work after they’re gone

It was good while it lasted, but now you have to wait until break to see them. At least know they have a full understanding of your crazy college life.

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