11 Instagram Comic Artists Who Will Brighten Your Day

Sometimes my Instagram feed is full of news about injustice, tragedy, and Trump. Or all three. And it really gets me down. When that happens, I react in one of the following two ways:

1. I put my phone down, wondering if this will be the time I fully retreat from the news and from social media and never return. (Except I always do end up returning, usually in under an hour.)

2. I'm driven further into an Instagram spiral on a quest to find content that will cheer me up.

When I react in the second way, I often turn to the wonderful world of IG comics and cartoons! Below is a short list of some Insta-doodlers who just might make you smile when you need it most.

1. @barelyfunctionaladult


When you wish your exes a very specific amount of happiness. #BarelyFunctionalAdult #vancaf

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A comic about the low-key (and high-key) struggles of adulthood.

2. @mrs.frollein


A post shared by Valérie Minelli (@mrs.frollein) on


Cute and relatable.

3. @aminder_d


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She's created a series called WomanWorld, envisioning a utopian or dystopian land (depending on your perspective) where all men have gone extinct.

4. @war.and.peas


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You never know what to expect in these four panels.

5. @shencomix


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6. @floperrydraws


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Fun fact: this lady's an illustrator for BuzzFeed. It says so in her bio.

7. @brooklyncartoons


made the mistake of wearing back to back outfits and lost a ton of followers

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Musings about millennials.

8. @rociodiestra



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I love this artist. If you don't know Spanish, she sometimes post cartoons in English as well.

9. @emilyscartoons



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This girl draws what she imagines her life would be like if she were at Hogwarts with HP & the gang.

10. @introvertdoodles



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As you might have guessed, she makes a lot of comics about being an introvert. One thing I like about them is that they're super colorful.

11. @beckybarnicomics



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Another BuzzFeed illustrator.

12. @artofprolificpen


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