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10 Times Recess Was Woke AF

1. Literally anytime Ms. Grotke spoke:

2. When Vince sashayed:

3. Spinelli being prone to fight anyone at any time, including over Gus and his military life:

4. Every time Principal Prickely had to fight the school board for the good of his students.

5. When Ms. Finster like totally stood up for her values and beliefs and kicked this sorry mf to the curb because he didn’t believe in recess (???)

6. When they allowed Gretchen, the ultimate lady nerd (sorry Velma) to go through character development beyond nerd-turns-hot:

7. When Mikey was bodypos:

8. When Mikey was in touch with his emotions and didn’t just love a girl for her looks:

9. When Gretchen was 1,000,000% done with boys telling her how she felt about them.  There’s only one way to respond “But you like me.”

10. Any time the kids took charge of their own lives and solved their own problems despite their age:

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