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10 Things You Can Buy Instead Of Davidson’s Meal Plan

Davidson’s new meal plan policy has sparked controversy across the campus.  Starting with the Class of 2018, all students will be required to purchase a meal plan, despite year, dietary restrictions, or PCC affiliation.  Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with this policy, I think we can all agree that $2398 (the price of a 90-block meal plan for 2014/2015) is a lot of money.  Here are ten other things you could purchase with that money:

1. This used car

All the better to go to the grocery store in, my dear.

2. An Eating House Meal Plan

This meal plan rings in at $2240 for 10 meals a week compared to 5 meals a week on the 90 block plan.  Plus you get some fun friends thrown in there too.

3. A roundtrip flight to Sevilla, Spain

The $1500 roundtrip ticket leaves you with nearly $900 to spend, which on a smart study abroad budget can easily turn into three or more weekend excursions to Paris, Rome, London, etc. 

4. 70 pairs of Nike Shorts

Such nort much active wow.

5. 150 cases of PBR

Or whatever’s on sale at Teeter.

6. 480 Tenders Meals (with the Davidson student discount)

I really don’t think I need to explain how great this would be.

7. 1200 cups of coffee (in a house mug) at Campus Summit

This should get you through a couple of all-nighters, at least.

8. 2400 Cups of Noodles from the Union

All of your meal problems solved!

9. 8000 green books

10. 18 tickets to see Bey and Jay…in the front row…at their Paris show

Grab 17 of your closest friends and head over to France for the On the Run Tour.  Or, if you want to pay for airfare, only take 8 friends.

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