10 Signs You're Done with Davidson

It's that time of year where everyone just complains about Davidson and asks each other "how busy are you?" and honestly, I'm sick of it.  Shocker, Davidson student complaining about complaining.  But there's a simultaneous urge to be done with Davidson and hold on to every moment between graduation and me.  It's getting terrifyingly real, but also tantalizingly close because I am also definitely 100% done with this place.  

1. You’re daydreaming about literally just walking around on sidewalks in other places.  

2. You find yourself flopping in bed on Friday nights entirely sober at 8 p.m. and planning on never getting up.

3. You don’t know anyone on campus except your year and a few people in the year below, and you just don’t give a shit.

4. You’re more interested in solidifying friendships rather than making a whole bunch of random connections on the weekends.

5. You have a job.

6. You feel like you’re never going to be able to learn anything literally ever again.

7. You can’t bring yourself to think that grades mean anything and are intent on just pass/failing everything all the time, rules be damned.

8. The nostalgia has largely left and is just replaced with excitement for the next stage.

9. You don’t feel the need to make changes about the things you’re frustrated with. You just mutter c'est la vie instead.

10. The first-years look like actual children.  And tbh, so do a lot of the sophomores.

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