10 Signs that You Are ~Basic~ at Davidson

So a few days ago I was heading to dinner with a few guy friends. We were spit-balling restaurants to go to, and the second I suggested Viva Chicken (a great dinner spot off of Exit 25 by Whole Foods) they all collectively groaned. I was then dubbed as “such a basic Davidson girl”… ummmm first of all so WHAT if I am basic, second of all I am basic *WOMAN, no longer a girl.

Anyways, here are 10 other things that make me basic (and proud) that a majority of you Davidson ladies can probably relate to:

1. You workout at Orange Theory or Cyclebar (bonus points if you proudly drink from your Cyclebar water bottle on the reg) and are on a first name basis with your trainer.

2. Your F shoes are Supergas

3. Once a single fall breeze blows through campus you whip out your Patagonia vest and wear it three times a week.


4. You shop at Bevello at Birkdale Village for every formal (followed by a dinner at Zoe’s because their salad dressing is YUM)


5. You eat lunch at kindred every Friday to celly getting through the week (and because you guys killed it at your Spin that morning, of course, you’re going to split a slice of cake!)

6. You color code your planner and proudly whip it out in the library for all eyes to see and be jealous of.

7. You sun-bathe on the dock at the lake campus until October (in order to get every last drop of summer sun you can before the long winter) and then go out again starting at the end of March the second the temperature goes above 60 degrees (and yes you will post a snap story of you and your girl gang with a sticker that says “lazy days”)

8. Your bedding is white or any light or pale color and has a million pillows (makes better aesthetic)

9. You have the unlimited refill cup from summit

10. Your clean juice rewards account has 800 points on it because you’re not ashamed to spend $20 on a single juice because its life changing


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