10 Reasons Dating A Feminist Man Is Great

1. He likes going down on you because he knows that women's pleasure is very often ignored or dismissed in sexual encounters (bonus points if he keeps pleasuring you after he's finished).

2. He doesn't withhold his emotions...as often.

3. He like totally gets the struggle (#girlpower), but also lets you remind him you're the one living out the theories he studies, so like, sometimes, he can only take understanding so far.

4. He tells his friends to "be better and do better".

5. He tells people he doesn't know to "do better".

6. He doesn't invalidate your emotions.

7. He takes your suggestions for books and movies seriously because he's past the whole gendered way we assign entertainment (basically he likes chick-flicks and will read bell hooks). And he will yell at you for using the term chick-flicks.

8. He struggles with self-doubt and self-loathing when he feels tugged towards toxic masculinity and plays it off with the same things you do when you're struggling with self-doubt and self-loathing in a world that constantly tells you you're "less than."  So y'all can commiserate and help recognize each other's self-destructive behavior and work through that together.

9. He'll watch Jane the Virgin with you and laugh harder when they reference the Bechdel Test.

10. He will talk menstruation and be totes cool bout it...plus period sex! And also he won't blame emotions on your period, but will let you complain about the ways it fucks you up.


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