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10 Moments That Prove Pledging Is The Walking Dead

Well collegiettes, it’s that time of year again: pledging season. I was at the library Netflixing… ahem, studying… and I realized that my campus looked a lot like The Walking Dead. 

Those poor babies.
For those of us who are not participating in the process, watching the little ones go around can be entertaining and a little heartbreaking…much like watching The Walking Dead. It is, however, thankfully so much less gruesome.

Please remember that the following is a METAPHOR. In no way do I think that pledging should, or does, look this violent.  Further, I do not condone this type of brutalism in real life–except verbally. Verbal brutalism I have found can be very effective.  

Anyway, to continue with the metaphor of zombie moments and pledging moments:

1. When a brother says pledging won’t be that bad and that they won’t be too hard on you.
2. The moment when you’re walking into Lula Bell to pick up your fourth load of clothes in less than a week.

3. When you see your bed after two weeks of sleepovers, or all-nighters.

4. When there’s that one dude in your pledge class who doesn’t do anything.

5. When you’re caught eating leftovers you’re supposed to be cleaning up.

6. When you see a guy who dropped a few weeks into the pledging process.

7. When you see your girlfriend after weeks of exclusively being around men.

8. When it’s all finally over.

9. When someone who’s not a brother tries to get you to do something.

10. When it’s all over and people ask you if it was “really that bad?”

And finally: When your dead GPA comes back to haunt you in July when the transcripts come out.

Good luck gentlemen, and enjoy your eight weeks of Big/Little presents!

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