Video Games and Life

I’m taking a class on video games. Yes, I’m a geek but hear me out. The class teaches that life can be compared to video games in ways that are positive: the spirit of cooperation to pass a level, acknowledgement of achievements, the feeling of triumph or the magic of art and music. 


Then, there’s the negative. Competition causing us to lose aspects of our humanity. Forgetting that “it’s just a game” can lead to belittling and seriously harming other people around us. Basically, we must not lose sight of who we are just because we’re in a virtual space, whether that’s video games, social media, or just the internet at large.


But, there was one poignant part that stuck with me.


Video games teach us that, no matter how impossible a level might seem, it’s beatable.


That’s what I love the most. They teach us to keep going despite the odds. 


Hope. That’s what it teaches us.