Things to Remember as You Go Into Finals

It’s easy to forget that anything matters outside of the five billion exams and papers that all seem to be due on the same day. It’s easy to forget to take each day by day. If that’s too hard, by hour. And if that’s too difficult, then just focus on the next moment (after taking another to breathe).

    Your value isn’t predetermined. It isn’t based on your GPA. You aren’t your GPA. You aren’t just a number. We live in a society that renders people to statuses based on numbers, but you are so much more than that. You are a complex individual composed of thoughts, feelings, and multiple experiences. You are more than just memories. You have a future, and you’re getting towards it.

    The exam might be over. Or it might still be on its way. Maybe you’re closer to it being over. Once it’s past you, then take a breath. Congratulate yourself for completing it. It’s over. You did it. 

    You are still worth it. You are more than a number. You have dreams and a whole internal world and state of mind that nobody can take from you.

    Healing is hard. Recovery is hard. Getting through life itself is hard. 

    But you can do this. Just breathe. 

    Trust that you can do this.


    I believe in you.