#TalesOfTerror Submission

By Roman Olavarria

Lia opens the door to the outside, music and smoke escaping behind her at Psi Upsilon. The stench of beer and weed radiated off of her. With her in tangles and her fracket in hand, she stepped outside. Damn, that party hit hard. The full moon hangs overhead and provides light to Lia and the wind whistles around her. The snow sprinkles down, but she can barely feel it as she stumbles her way back to Andres.

Wait, do I have my phone? She quickly makes sure that she has her phone and ID on her. The snow crunches underneath her boots as she moves through the darkness and toward the Green. She ignores the desolation of the night. The only beings out were her and the moon. Until a figure comes out from the steps of Collis behind her. 

She ambles into the middle of the Green when the cold settled to her body. She senses a presence. She turns to tell SNS that she can walk home fine when she sees a figure mounted still a few yards behind her. Creepy assShe continues pacing to Andres with more caution than before and turns around again to see the figure has moved, but it stands closer to her than it stood before. It stands like a statue facing toward her.

The moon allows her to see the figure. A man with a ragged beard and a black trench coat that flows in the winter wind stands before her. Who the hell? Her feet move faster than she can think, for she spins and sprints to Fayerweather.

The cold air stings her throat as she heaves toward the old brick buildings. Her tears stream fast off her cheeks and her arms swing back and forth. Fuck. Lia can see the lights of the building, and the freezing wind blows harder against her. She can feel the man on her tail, but she makes it to Fayerweather. Lia grabs the doorknob, takes out her ID, swings open the door, and slams it shut. With cold sweat dripping off her and heavy heaves thrown up out of her lungs, she runs to the window to see if the man was out there.

He stands, staring at her through the window from the front door. With scarlet eyes and a crooked smile gleaming with grimy teeth, he looks at the door and walks through it.