Super Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

You don’t need to have a fancy kitchen to eat healthy while in college. Here are some super easy healthy snacks that are perfect when you need a little something to get you through a busy day, or when you need some help make it through a long night. 


  1. Peanut butter and apples. Or peanut butter and anything really. Peanut butter is perfect for spreading on apples, crackers, or toast. Nuts are full of heart-healthy fats and are also packed with protein, so nut butters are the perfect go-to snack when you’re looking for something nutritious. 


  1. Protein bars. Protein bars are the perfect on the go snack. Personally, I really like the LUNA bars, which are sold at various locations across campus, but there are lots of varieties to choose from. Be aware, however, that some bars have a lot of added sugar, so make sure to read the nutrition facts. 


  1. Greek yogurt and granola. This one works really well both as a breakfast option and as a midnight snack. Greek yogurt is full of protein, and granola is the perfect addition if you’re looking for a heartier snack. If you can, opt for plain yogurt, or if you do choose a flavored option, choose something with less than 15 total grams of sugar. 


  1. Hummus and vegetables. Hummus is perfect when you’re looking for something with protein. Pairing hummus with some carrots and celery makes for the highly nutritious snack to get you through the day. 


  1. Fresh smoothies. If you have the time to pick one up, a fresh smoothie might be the perfect way to power you through your day. For the most nutritious smoothie, try adding fruit and/or vegetables, and yogurt or some kind of milk.