Reflection on Spring

There’s something oddly wonderful about seeing the snow melt against the ground. That little gremlin in your mind vengefully going, “take that, winter!”


And the snow gives way to softer green petals. Blades of grass. You shrug off the heavy winter jacket and stare up at the sun (slightly hoping that it’ll boost your mood like everyone says).


And you’re brought to life just as easily as a flower. (Or, at least, all the poems say so. You aren’t entirely sure. You’re still standing out in the sun like a fool, but hopefully, you’ll be a happy one if the Vitamin D kicks in).


And now, instead of snow, you’re slogging your way through mounds of mud to get through to your classes. And heating gives way to the whir of fans.


But still, at least it’s springtime.


(Vitamin D, work, damn you!)


You’re ready for new life, whatever that means and whatever that brings.