Reaction to Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5

Welcome back to my Game of Thrones thoughts!! 

Emilia Clarke said this would be a huge episode so I am trying to mentally prepare myself for a lot of deaths. 

I just hope that Daenerys doesn’t die while going full on Mad Queen - though I fear that will happen... 

  1. Someone is writing a little message... It’s Varys. That can’t be anything good.
  2. Sophie Turner said there is a little piece of paper that she has been carrying around that’s very important in this season. Maybe it’s this? 
  3. “Men decide where power resides” What Varys?!
  4. Are they really gonna make Daenerys the mad Targaryen and Jon the good one? Daenerys has only ever tried to be good and actually help people and Jon doesn’t freaking want to be on the Throne, so can we please let him be in peace?! 
  5. I appreciate Jon’s support for Dany. At least someone has her back. 
  6. Dany’s hair isn’t braided anymore. That has so much meaning because her hair has been building up with more and more braids in the Dothraki style. Plus, Missandei used to braid her hair - so that’s just really sad. 
  7. I feel bad for Dany. She is just being betrayed left and right. How is she supposed to trust anyone? 
  8. She looks so exhausted. 
  9. Everything Daenerys has worked for is crumbling down in front of her. She really does look exhausted. 
  10. I am unclear on what Varys is doing at the moment. I think he’s hiding a message for someone else? But why did he start burning it only to stop the fire? 
  11. Is this the end of Varys?!
  12. Omg the way the dragon just appeared out of the dark was very cinematic. 
  13. Okay what. Varys just dies like this!! I don’t know how I feel about this....... He was a pretty big character who always kinda confused but he was super interesting!! Have you ever read the theory about him being a merman? If not, you should - it’s really interesting. 
  14. Dany and Grey Worm suffering because of Missandei hurts my soul!! He once said losing her was his only and biggest fear. 😭 
  15. “I don’t have love here. I only have fear.” I feel so bad for Dany. 
  16. Jon, how many more times are you gonna say Dany is your queen?! Do you not feel anything else for her?
  17. Lol. Dany had the same question as me: “is this [a queen] all I am to you?”
  18. Dany, you don’t need no man. 
  19. Dany is so scarily calm. 
  20. Jaime was stopped trying to get past the lines? Does that mean that he cannot get to Cersei to kill her?
  21. “I’m Arya Stark. I’m going to kill Queen Cersei.” Isn’t that what she said a couple of seasons ago to the soldiers and they all laughed at her? What a throwback. 
  22. Tyrion and Jaime sure life talking to each other while one of them is in prison. 
  23. Tyrion is trying to convince Jaime to save his child. That didn’t work well for Cersei, did it?
  24. Tyrion is here sacrificing himself for the entire city. 
  25. This moment between Jaime and Tyrion is too sweet. One of them will die. 
  26. Oh Euron. How I hate you...
  27. There is a theory that Daenerys has more dragons and that that’s the reason Euron looked into the sky being so surprised. We shall see if that theory holds true. It seems too good to be true though. 
  28. Arya and The Hound actually made it into the city. I am kind of sad that Arya never used her face switching skills this season. 
  29. Oh Jaime also made it into the city. Even with his gold hand. 
  30. The soldiers are waiting and I hear ravens in the background! Either that’s foreshadowing or just part of the signs design. 
  31. Oh Cersei. We didn’t get enough of you this season. 
  32. Oh shoot Jaime. That didn’t work out for you. Even showing your gold hand isn’t working so well. 
  33. Now Euron is looking at the sky. There is his shocked face. What does he see? 
  34. It’s a dragon. That’s just flying towards the ships. A lot of ships. What’s Dany’s plan? 
  35. How is it so easy for her to destroy all the ships now but last season she couldn’t? :(
  36. Well so much for the Iron Fleet. 
  37. The Kahn’s caption is just like “explosion in the distance”. 
  38. What just happened?! 
  39. Oh the dragon is here. 
  40. Tyrion, your plan didn’t quite work out. I don’t hear any bells ringing. 
  41. Grey Worm isn’t kissing around. Also I hope he doesn’t die. Or gets an honorable death at least. 
  42. It’s too easy for Dany and her army at the moment...
  43. Can Cersei see all the flames? She sure can. 
  44. All scorpions are destroyed. Well that’s just bad for Cersei. 
  45. The soldiers are just staring at each other like “uhm what’s going to happen! Who will attack first?”
  46. I appreciate Tyrion still staring at the bells hoping for surrender. 
  47. Now for the big question: Will Dany just burn them all? Including all the innocent people? 
  48. Oh the Lannister soldiers are giving up. Well Cersei. That’s just all looking bad for you. 
  49. Cersei is not about the ring the bells. But will she now that all the people are screaming at her to ring them? 
  50. The suspenseeeeeeeee
  51. The bells are actually ringing. This all seems too easy. 
  52. WHAT ARE YOU DOING DANY??? Why is she burning them when have have surrendered?? 
  53. I don’t like this! 
  54. There is NO point in Dany and her army attacking and killing all these people!!! They surrendered?? 
  55. I get that Grey Worm is here trying to get his revenge and that’ll probably be his death. 
  56. But come on. What’s the point in having Dany burn all these innocent people!!????!??!!!!
  57. Tyrion’s face is my exact reaction at this point. 
  58. Okay yes. Show us the little girl seeing how her mom is killed. We needed that....
  59. Jon was still trying to save the situation. He is as shocked as I am about this. 
  60. Cersei, the dragon is coming for you. 
  62. Euron versus Jaime. Hahaha love it. 
  63. Jaime is not as good as he thinks he is at fighting... Not sure if he will win against Euron. 
  64. Okay that cut from the right to Cersei was pretty cool. 
  65. Oh come on!!! Why would Dany destroy all the architecture? She is going to burn the Iron Throne if she keeps going. 
  66. OMG
  67. JAIME GOT STABBED. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO DIE LIKE THIS. I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO DIE. But I didn’t want Euron to freaking kill him. 
  68. Great. Now Jaime pinned Euron down. 
  69. Well Euron. Don’t be too proud of “killing” Jaime. He isn’t dead yet. 
  70. Oh The Hound and Arya... Wouldn’t we have liked to see a spinoff on those two?
  71. The Hound versus The Mountain. There it is. The Cleagan-Bowl we all waited for. 
  72. RIP Qyburn. They really don’t kid around with long death scenes in this episode. 
  73. The Mountain looks like a legit zombie. Oh my gosh. 
  74. Dany is just destroying all of King’s Landing. Why why why. 
  75. Well Cersei and Jaime reunite after all. 
  76. Does he actually still love her? I thought he was over that. It seemed like he was. 
  77. Or is he gonna surprise stab her and they will die together? 
  78. Can The Mountain eben be killed? Because he just got stabbed but he doesn’t care. 
  79. I would run if I were Sandor. 
  80. So Arya is actually abandoning killing Cersei? 
  81. The editing in this episode is really good. I like the cuts between The Hound and Arya. Nice match cuts. 
  82. Arya, get up. You can do better. 
  83. The Mountain is trying to kill the Hound with his speciality move. I can’t look at this. 
  84. And so they die together.... At least the Hound got his revenge. 
  85. It’s very symbolic that he dies because of fire. 
  86. I just don’t understand what Dany is doing. And her destroying the city just to have some Mad Queen action is not that great. 
  87. Oh no. Arya. Run. Run run. 
  88. Arya is with all the women and children now. I can’t have her die with them. 
  89. She’s taking charge. I like that. At least she’s saying within character. Unlike Dany. 
  90. I LOVE THIS SONG. The song they  are playing while Cersei and Jaime are in the crypt. 
  91. Nothing else matters to Jaime. So he really still does love her?
  92. And they are buried. Are both of them dead now??? Cersei dying while crying and not being strong. Jaime dying in her arms ... he deserved better. So much better. Yet, it is a fitting death for his character. 
  93. Also if Cersei is actually dead no one got to kill her and that’s actually kinda upsetting. 
  94. Huh. 

Sooooo, I am not sure how to feel about this episode. I think I have very mixed feelings. 

Varys‘s death was super underwhelming...

The Death of the Hound was very fitting. He died because of what he loved and feared most. That made sense. 

Jaime‘s death (as sad as it makes me) was very fitting as well. He has had such great character development, but couldn’t stop loving Cersei in the end. 

HOWEVER, Dany going Mad Queen did not make sense to me at all. I get that we have been building up to that, but everything got taken away from her, so what do you expect? I do not think the writers did her justice here and it makes me sad to see that such a great character with years and years of buildup ended up like this. She sacrificed so much for the North and yet no one supported her... 

I am also just so sad they didn’t go with any of these amazing theories out there. And there’s only one episode left so there’s only so much they can do. 

Nothing about climate change, the valonqar, Dany being pregnant, no Arya changing her face, no return of little finger (as Arya or rising from dead)... Also, what is Bran up to??