Reaction to Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4



Welcome back to Episode 4 of Game of Thrones!

  1. Oh lovely start... Daenerys saying bye to Jorah again. 
  2. And Sansa saying bye to Theon...
  3. That mixed with the sad music isn’t the best start to a new episode. :( 
  4. Oh Sansa is giving Theon a Stark-pin. That is cute. He belonged to them after all. 
  5. Hey there, Bran. I still need to know what you were doing during the Battle! 
  6. Ghost is alive but looks like he got hurt a lot. 
  7. How many more closeups of the dead people do I need to look at? :((( (Though not nearly as many people died in the battle as expected). 
  8. The Hound and Gendry is a quite funny mix actually. 
  9. “He’s dead. His brothers are too.“ Okay Daenerys...
  10. She is making Gendry a Lord. Cute! I bet she only did that so he wouldn’t go behind her back. 
  11. Ha. Tyrion agrees with me!! 
  12. Brienne and Jaime. It seems this is more likely than Brienne and Tormund at the moment. 
  13. I need an explanation about Arya and Bran right now. What was he doing and where did she come from?!
  14. “I don’t really want anymore.” Oh Bran... I don’t understand you. 
  15. “Vomiting is not celebrating.” “Yes it is.” Every Frat boy ever? 
  16. “Yeah, I didn’t have much say in that.” Jon secretly is just like: ugh stop giving me titles and bringing me back from the dead?! 
  17. Daenerys is doing well holding it together but she is seeing that she does not have as much support as Jon at the moment. 
  18. All these slow motion edits of different people looking at each other is saying more than any dialogue every could. I love it! 
  19. I love the way Jaime looks at Brienne. 
  20. Tyrion, why do you need to bring up Brienne being a virgin? That embarrasses her in front of Jaime (even though it shouldn’t!!!) 
  21. Tormund is very drunk hahah
  22. Oh Podrick looking at women hahaha We still want to know what he did to the women a couple of seasons ago. 
  23. “‘My heart is broken.” Awww poor Tormund. Oh actually, he doesn’t seem too heart-broken anymore. 
  24. What will make the Hound happy? I actually wonder. 
  25. Awwww Sansa and The Hound are having a deep talk!
  26. Gendry is looking for Arya and I think that’s a great idea because I NEED AN EXPLANATION of where she came from to kill the Night King. 
  27. Gendry loves Arya and he is proposing to her and Arya DOES NOT look super pleased? Oh she’s kissing him. I think that’s a no. “I’m not a lady... That’s not me”. Of course, she was going to say that. 
  28. So we really are not going to discuss where she came from?? 
  29. Oh Jaime is coming to Brienne and he’s already undressing... But he’s quite drunk I think. I don’t think that’s a good look on him. 
  30. Trying to watch him undress with one hand... Brienne. Just help him. 
  31. Oh she is helping. 
  32. Oh she is undressing. 
  33. Oh. This scene is kind of cute. 
  34. Oh. They’re going at it. 
  35. Daenerys still loves Jon. 
  36. Oh. They’re also kissing. Even though they knew they’re related. 
  37. This is a kissing-heavy episode. 
  38. I like that they finally talk about his true name and his claim to the Iron Throne! That was long due. 
  39. Daenerys showing emotion again is still unruly. I am just not used to. She’s usually just quite cold. 
  40. Jon is too optimistic and I think Dany is right. It will take on a life of its own if they tell everyone. 
  41. Dany seems to love him way more than he loves her. 
  42. Does Jaime sleeping with Brienne signify that he’s over Cersei? 
  43. Oho. Dany. You need to be careful now. Very careful. 
  44. The Stark children having a conversation. Love it.
  45. “The last is the Starks.” Oh will he tell them? Are they testing him because they already know? 
  46. Tyrion is probably just happy that Jaime isn’t sleeping with his sister anymore. 
  47. Ser Bronn... He just wants his castle. He doesn’t care who gives it to him. He just wants it. 
  48. I would be careful with him right now... He’s serious. 
  49. The Hound is addressing her killing the Night King. Can he ask how she got there, please?? 
  50. Yeyyyy at least both dragons are alive!! I was not so sure about that after the last fight. 
  51. Tyrion, talk some sense into Sansa. 
  52. Sansa is going to tell Tyrion about Jon who is actually Aegon... 
  53. Ghost even lost an ear. Wow. 
  54. GILLY IS PREGNANT!!!! Awwwwww 
  55. Is it just me or does Jon just always looks like he’s kind of in pain? 
  56. Tyrion told Varys about Jon/Aegon as well? This isn’t going to end well. 
  57. Oh my gosh. A dragon just got shot and died???????? 
  58. That game out of NOWHERE. I SIS NOT EXPECT THAT. 
  59. FREAKING EURON. I never liked him. Just Dracarys him. 
  60. That’s a lot of arrows!!!! How is she going to escape that? Oh she just did. 
  61. I can’t believe what just happened. 
  62. This is not going well right now. Not at all. 
  63. Tyrion? Jumping in the water does not seem like a great idea?!
  65. Oh he survived. 
  66. Greywork. Please find Missandei!!!! 
  67. Okay. So Cersei is actually pretending that her baby is Euron’s. If she’s actually pregnant?? Still not sure. 
  68. NO THEY HAVE MISSANDEI. This is the ultimate test now. Is she going to stay loyal? 
  69. Is Daenerys found to kill many innocent people just to get the Throne? That is an interesting choice. 
  70. Oh... She’s going to just kill. 
  71. It’s not looking so good for Daenerys. 
  72. Tyrion still supports Daenerys. That’s cute. But also does that mean he maybe loves her?
  73. Dany is losing supporters by the hour. 
  74. Brienne actually loves Jaime and doesn’t want him to leave... :(
  75. Jaime. Stop. We know you have done horrible things for and because of Cersei. But you’re over it. 
  76. I am not sure what he is planning on doing but I am sad about it because I thought he really changed, but he doesn’t see that he changed. 
  77. Dany finally arrived in King’s Landing. That only took a couple of years. 
  78. Qyburn vs. Tyrion. 
  79. Next up:  Cersei vs. Tyrion. That won’t end well. 
  80. At least it seems that she is not shooting him immediately. 
  81. BTW.... her costume is amazing. 
  82. He knows to talk about her child. (Is she actually is pregnant?) 
  83. Don’t push Missandei down. Please don’t. 
  85. Grey Worm, poor you. I wanted them to live happily ever after...
  86. Now Cersei has really angered Dany. 

I am kinda upset that they didn’t address the Night King at all... If they actually never explain what Bran was doing or how Arya got there or what the Night King actually wanted, I’ll be sad. 

Dany has lost so much. Drogo, The Dothraki, Jorah, 2 dragons, now Missandei. Also kinda Jon. And she’s losing advisors (Varys) and then she just doesn’t have as much support in the North.