PSL is Overrated

I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks in the beginning of this Fall. Yes. I live on Earth. Yes, I am American. Yes, I go places. I just never had the urge to get one until now (I’m like 20). I was shopping with my girlfriend at a nearby indoor outlet mall when we happen upon a Starbucks. My girlfriend loves the Matcha Frappe, so we usually get that. But today, at that Starbucks, they did not have the Matcha Frappe. After being upset for a little bit, she asked me about the picture of a mysterious drink next to the menu. It was the PSL. I explained to her the drink and its chaotic following. She ordered that. Half sugar. I tasted it. It’s not bad, and I would say it’s pretty good, but I have no idea why people go crazy over this. The pumpkin flavor is really light and the spice is an awesome addition, but I would not get this drink every day or even every week. Maybe once a month. Just to celebrate fall. Or just for my girlfriend to try it. Her favorite is still Matcha though.