The Perfect Nighttime Routine You Need To Relax In Winter

 I have a horrible habit of watching Netflix until I fall asleep. It is one of those guilty pleasures. I know that it is bad for me for a variety of reasons (blue light of technology before bed and quality sleep do not mix well).

To solve my issue, I am trying a new nighttime routine before going to sleep. Here it comes:

About an hour before going to sleep, I turn off my laptop. I then brush my teeth, remove my makeup, cleanse my face and put on lots of moisturizer to beat the winter dehydration.

I then use the app “Headspace” that I have previously talked about in other articles to mediate for ten to twenty minutes. They have many different packets and I am currently trying the “Sleep”-packet that is not designed to help you fall asleep but to help you achieve more quality sleep.

After meditating, I then turn off my phone and go to bed, where I read a book until I fall asleep.

Changing your routines can be extremely helpful in maximizing your time and happiness. So, think about how you can change up your routine! My change of routine has defintiely helped improve my mood!