My Hair Journey

          “My hair journey”.

            I had no idea what that phrase meant when I was first told that by somebody who knew a whole lot about hair. I repeated the phrase, “hair journey?” like repeating it was going to magically give me an answer.

            I mean, I guess it meant hair. But a journey? Isn’t that what Frodo went on to get rid of the One Ring? 

            “Hair journey..?”

            “Yep,” she replied, scrolling quickly through her phone to show me past images of galaxy hair and cropped-elfin like pixie cuts. “Hair journey.”

            “Ah,” I repeated again. You know, like it was going to help. “Hair journey”.

            I never thought I was going to be that person. The one who changed their hair, makeup looks, or general style at all. I liked comfort.

            No, really, that was my main guideline. 

            So… hair journey? What was that about?

            Fast forward to now. Junior year of college. I’ve cut my hair. Dyed it. Bleached it. (At my own hand and others’.) Left it long to my butt. Cut it again, so short I couldn’t even grip it. Dyed it again. Took a pair of scissors to it myself after watching one, singular YouTube video.

            I want it to be blue. Or silver. I think it’d be fun to try as many hairstyles as possible because, well, a few reasons.         

            Life is short.

            It’s fun.

            I wanted to “come into my own” (and come out as pan, but that’s another story).

            Without further ado… my Hair. Journey.



            Middle school – the bowl cut


            Teenage Years – I want to be either emo (thanks, Twilight/My Chemical Romance aesthetic of the late 2000s) or blonde, I’m not sure.

            College Freshman– This is to make up for not having long hair when I was little.

            College Sophomore – I lied. I miss short hair.            


            College Sophomore Part 2- Really short hair.



            College junior Part 1- Maybe I’ll let it grow out…


            College junior part 2- I watched one YouTube video. We’re cutting it again.

            College junior part 3- You know what I haven’t tried on my hair? Bleach!


            College junior part 4- Oh no. It’s orange. Let’s fix this.

            College junior part 5- …with purple… then pink.



            College junior part 6- Me now! (Note: it will probably change again eventually. But for now, I’m happy. I want to tell stories. And I like making people smile. :) )


            College junior part 7- To be continued… (Note: I'm Life is Strange aesthetic, anyone?)


Update** It's BLUE!!! Someone called me a cyberpunk siren, but it makes sense, considering.