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Live Reaction to Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

Welcome back! You seemed to have enjoyed my last week’s reaction to Game of Thrones, so here is my reaction to Season 8, Episode 3… 


  1. I don’t think I am ready for this episode in any way. Who is gonna die!??? 
  2. Sam’s shaking hands and heavy breathing is describing my feelings pretty well. 
  3. I love how Lyanna is in the background yelling at all the soldiers telling them what to do. 
  4. The music and and sound is amazing on this opening scene. Wow. 
  5. They are showing us all the characters again and I do not know how I feel about that. Are we just being shown those characters because they will die?!
  6. The sound and music is actually giving me goosebumps. Well done. 
  7. Dragons!!! 
  8. Oh Brienne. I have a feeling you are going to die. 
  9. Jaime… I don’t think he’ll die just yet. 
  10. Gendry might die. 
  11. Oh I don’t even want to think about it. 
  12. Oh gosh… this sudden silence without the music is too much. And now we are staring into the darkness. 
  13. Jon and Daenerys are overlooking it all. How do they feel about each other in this moment? 
  14. This anticipation is too much!!!!! 
  15. Hmmm air who’s riding towards Winterfell?? Oh the Red Priestess. I forgot she was still there. 
  16. Ghost is there in the background… I don’t have a good feeling about him either. 
  17. Oh wow that’s a lot of swords on fire!!! I am getting goosebumps again. I wonder how The Hound feels about that. 
  18. I hope the Red Priestess didn’t just tell Grey Worm “Valahr Morghulis” because he will die. 
  19. Why are battles always at night?! It could also be a beautiful sunny day. 
  20. The Red Priestess seems pretty okay with dying soon. 
  21. Is she staring at Arya because Arya will die?! 
  22. I need to stop thinking about all the people that will die. 
  23. Wow Jon and Daenerys have such a cool view on the battle!! 
  24. What are they firing at and what are they running towards? We haven’t really seen anything. 
  25. Oh Ghost. Run. But don’t die. 
  26. What is happening??? Could they please tell us what is happening?? I am just hearing awful sounds but I am not seeing anything!! Oh no. Did everyone that just disappeared into darkness just die?????? No. It can’t be. Did all the Dothraki just die? 
  27. I am utterly confused. Like everyone else. 
  28. Okay they are back. So they didn’t die? I wouldn’t trust them. Who knows what the Dead or the Night King did to them. 
  29. Omg. All this buildup!!!! I cannot deal with this. 
  30. The Dead really are here and I have no idea what is happening. 
  31. Wow Brienne is already being eaten by the Dead? Jaime has gotta save her. 
  32. Oh there he did. 
  33. Oh the dragons are helping a lot!!! The music is giving me goosebumps again. This is making me emotional. 
  34. Oh what is that wind?? Jon and Dany, please be careful. 
  35. What is happening? What is that wind? 
  36. OMG ARYA ”stuck them with the pointy end”. What a flashback!! 
  37. Winter. Is. Here. There are very few people protecting Bran. 
  38. I can’t watch all my favorite characters fighting. It’s too much. I can’t bear watching them die. 
  40. SAVE SAM. NO NO NO. DONT LET SAM DIE.    Thank you. 
  41. No Edd, poor poor Edd. 
  42. Sansa in the crypt is giving me flashbacks to one of the first seasons where she was waiting in the crypt with Cersei for the battle to end. 
  43. Why is the dragon flying into trees? 
  44. HOLY. Did the two dragons just fly into each other?? 
  45. Oho. It’s not looking good for Grey Worm there. 
  46. Side note: Emilia Clarke is going on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night and I just realized I hope it’s not to talk about Daenerys dying. 
  47. Arya protecting The Hound just made me very happy. 
  48. Grey Wo is still alive. But the other Unsullied aren’t doing quite as well. 
  49. The Sound in this episode is so good. Grey Worm’s loud breathing and almost no other sound was amazing. 
  50. Oho. Their plane is not really working out. They can’t light the trench because #WinterIsHere
  51. Why isn’t the Red Priestess lighting the Trenches?? She literally lit so many swords before. 
  52. There you go. She’s trying to light it up. Please hurry. She did it!! (Side Note: she has some nice mascara on but how did she time for that?)
  53. The poor Hound. There’s so much fire and he sure doesn’t like that. 
  54. “At least we’re already in a crypt.” Wow Varys. You’re being so positive. 
  55. I feel bad for Tyrion. He feels helpless. 
  56. Sansa to Tyrion: “You were the best of them”. Oh poor Sansa. 
  57. Missandei is standing up for Daenerys. I like that. 
  58. I feel like Theon will die while protecting Bran. I’ve liked, hated, felt bad and liked this character again. It’s really impressive. 
  59. Bran: “I’m going to go now”. What? Hahaha 
  60. What are the ravens here for? Where are they going? Is that our ice dragon!?? Oh it is!!!!!!! The Night King is riding the ice dragon!!!    
  61. What is happening now? The Dead are walking into the fire one by one. That sure is weird. Oh they’re building something to walk over. They are extinguishing the fire!! Oh that’s not good. That’s not good at all. 
  62. There is so so so many of them. That is scary. 
  63. Jon is looking at the Ice Dragon. 
  64. Oh either Jon, Daenerys or the Night King is going to die in an epic dragon battle and I fear it will be Daenerys. 
  65. Some of these dead creatures are actually just bones. How are they not falling apart?
  66. It’s so so so so many of The Dead. How are they supposed to fight them? 
  67. Someone please save Jaime!!! Thank you Brienne. They keep saving each other. 
  68. Save Sam. Save Sam. Save Sam. Thanks. 
  69. I cannot handle all these emotions right now. There is a lot happening. 
  70. I do understand now why it took them so long to film this scene. 
  71. The Hound is just hiding. I feel so bad for him. Is he gonna get over his fear of fire? Maybe he’ll die because of the fire. 
  72. Arya, go show them. She has grown up so much. Look at those fighting skills. Wow wow wow wow. 
  73. Oh damn. Arya. Run. 
  74. OG NO IT IS THE GIANT. I loved him. He is bad now. 
  75. Where is Arya???? The Hound is gonna fight to save her. 
  76. Lyanna, you were a good character. Okay how. She just killed that giant with her last breath. 
  77. This episode is barely halfway over. 
  78. Now for the dragon fight. How much must it have cost to film all of this??
  79. That looks beautiful. The two dragons above the clouds in front of the moon. 
  80. Arya. You are alive. For now. 
  81. This is going to be the scene where she’s running through the halls. I can feel it. What is she going to find walking around inside the building?  
  82. Is that another Wight that’s trying to find her?
  83. That’s a lot of Wights. 
  84. Oh no no no. 
  85. I knew this was the scene where she’s running through the halls! Now just run fast so they don’t get you. 
  86. Oh no. The people in the crypt can already hear the wights. That’s not a good sign. 
  87. Is that Arya we hear fighting?? 
  88. That’s a lot of soldiers who want the door to be opened. But if they open the door, it’ll just be wights coming in. 
  89. Where. Is. Arya. “What is we say to the god of death?” “Not today”. Please remember this Arya. 
  90. The Hound and that guy whose name I forgot eight flaming sword need to be  careful. 
  91. Yeyyyy I knew The Hound would save Arya. 
  92. Oh the guy whose name I forgot is dying. He’s died so many times. Not sure if he’ll come back from the dead this time. 
  93. Melisandre. Where did you come from? 
  94. Oh no. She isn’t gonna bring him back :( 
  95. Melisandre’s stare is almost creepier than Bran’s. 
  96. Melisandre: “What is we say to the god of death?” Arya: “Not today”. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS LINE.  AHHH
  97. The ice dragon is just straightup destroying Winterfell. 
  98. And there is that dragon battle i knew would come. (And that must’ve cost A FORTUNE)
  99. Omg he has another one of those spear things. Careful there. Careful. 
  100. Where is Dany???
  101. Wait what the heck? The Night King just fell down? Is that what just happened? 
  102. Jon’s dragon and Jon himself aren’t doing so great. 
  103. I don’t want Dany to go save Jon and then die for him
  104. Oh no. The Night King. 
  105. Dany, I feel like killing the Night King with dragon fire is too easy. That won’t work. FLY AWAY. HE STILL HAS A SPEAR THAT CAN KILL YOUR DRAGON. 
  106. see. He isn’t dead. I knew it. That would’ve been to easy. 
  107. Oh he’s dragging the spear. Dang fly away. Quickly. 
  108. Jon vs. the Night King. 
  109. My heart is beating so fast. 
  110. The sounds the Night King makes when he moves are so cool. It’s like ice cracking. 
  111. Oh NO. HE IS MAKING ALL THE DEAD RISE AGAIN. THAT IS BAD. THAT IS BAD. Jon, you won’t reach him. You need to save yourself. 
  112. Well awesome. Now the army of the Dead is much much much bigger. Lyanna, now you have blue eyes too. Edd, you too. 
  113. Now the Night King is marching into Winterfell. Can someone kill him already. 
  114. Wait no no no no. The wights reaches the crypt. Omg no THE DEAD PEOPLE IN THE CRYPT ARE ACTUALLY RISING. Of course they are. Are we gonna get a behaded Ned? We must get a dead Petty Baelish. 
  115. “Fire can’t kill a dragon”. So that’s why Dany could just make her dragon spit fire? 
  116. Dang fly away!! What the heck is happening. They are killing your dragon. 
  117. No Dany. This is not how you die. I cannot accept that. 
  118. Someone save Dany. She doesn’t have any weapons on her. SER JORAS.  OF COURSE HE IS GONNA SAVE HER. 
  119. Jon, save Sam!!!!!!!! 
  120. Theon is really protecting Bran. He’s doing well. 
  121. I don’t like how helpless Dany is right now. 
  122. Oh at least she grabbed a sword. 
  123. Tyrion staring at Sansa being very scared is making me so sad. 
  124. They are both grabbing their weapons and staring each other knowing they’ll probably die. I can’t deal with this. And now the was music. That’s too much. 
  125. The ice dragon is just wrecking Winterfell. 
  126. The was music is bad. It’s not looking good for any of my fave characters at the moment. 
  127. Dany, you can always just walk into the fire. The wights cannot follow you in there. 
  128. Slow motion fighting and sad music is not very fun. :(
  129. The Night King is marching towards Bran. What is gonna happen??
  130. If they destroy a Wight, it cannot come back to life, right?
  131. Wow. Theon. You did really really really well. 
  132. The Three-Eyed-Raven vs. Bran. What if Bran is on the Night King’s Side? 
  133. Theon is crying and it’s making me tear up. I appreciate that he’s running towards the Night King to try to kill him. 
  134. Of course it wasn’t gonna work. But wow, Theon you did well. Poor poor Theon. He was so heroic. 
  135. Omg no way. Ser Jorah just got stabbed too. 
  136. What is the Night King gonna do with Bran??? 
  137. This music is too much. It’s giving me so many emotions. 
  138. Is the episode ending now with Bran and the Night King staring at each other??? 
  139. Omg no way. Arya just came out of nowhere??? How???????? SHE ACTUALLY JUST KILLED THE NIGHT KING??? I am actually crying at this point. I am overwhelmed and don’t know how to deal with this. 
  140. That’s how it’s gonna end??? 
  141. No way. I am shaking. My entire body is shaking. 
  142. Where did Arya come from?? I am but confused about that. 
  143. Daenerys is crying and that feels really weird. But Ser Jorah is dead. He gave them a very good death though. He fought for her even though she didn’t love him back. 
  144. At least her dragon is trying to comfort her. That’s cute. 
  145. Melisandre said she’d die by the end of this. So when is she gonna die? Oh she’s taking off her necklace. That’s how she dies. 
  146. And that’s how the episode ends. 



I am actually shaking and crying right now. They did so well with the deaths. They did justice to the characters. Lyanna died killing a zombie giant, Der Jorah died while protecting Dany and Theon did not die a coward, but was able to face death… Wow. 

I still cannot believe Arya actually killed the Night King. That was pretty damn cool. I am still not sure how she got to him through all of the Wights, but she sure has her ways. I always thought the Night King would be the last battle, but I guess now Cersei needs to be defeated – well if we want Daenerys on the Throne, but I am pretty sure, her story line isn’t quite over yet. 

I am still just… wow… that episode was just wow. I am not over it. 

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