Let's Get a Meal ... Some Time

“Let’s get a meal... some time!”


    How often have I heard this sentence on campus? How often have I said it myself? Many many times. 


    How many of those times has it been sincere? How many of those times did you actually follow up? 


    At the beginning of college, I took that phrase so seriously. I thought when someone asked me this, it actually meant that we were going to get a meal. But as time passed, I realized that that is not necessarily the case. 


    Yes, there are some people who are serious about it and when they tell you that they want to get a meal, you will actually end up getting a meal. But how often is that the case? 


    I have come to realize that one of my pet peeves is when people say that you will make plans and then not do it. 


    I just start looking forward to something that will actually never happen. 


    I understand that people have busy schedules. I understand “things come up”. 


    But yet…


    I hope to find friends who will follow through. Who I can rely on.