Fashion and Beauty Tips for Unpredictable Spring Weather

We all know how crazy spring weather can be, especially the New Hampshire spring weather. One day it’s barely 40 degrees and you’re shivering in your thin top, the next it’s almost 70 and sunny, and you’re left lugging around that heavy winter coat that you thought you’d need. Worse still, the weather can change dramatically within the day, leaving you at a loss when it comes to picking out your outfit in the morning. And if you’re like me, then the often rainy and humid weather also creates another fashion-related frustration: the frizzy hair debacle. However, rest assured, you can combat these annoyances to have a hopefully more enjoyable spring if you follow these tips.


  1. Load up on cardigans. Cardigans are a given when it comes to spring fashion. You can easily throw one on over a long-sleeved tee or a cute blouse on a chilly morning, and you can just as easily take it off when it warms up later in the day. It’s so much better than sweating in a chunky knit sweater on a sunny afternoon, or shivering in a tank top on your way to your morning lecture. I also love that cardigans come in so many varieties: buttons or no-buttons, thick or thin, chunky or flowy, cropped or long. With so many choices, you’re sure to find something that suits your style!

  2. Invest in ankle boots. Picking out the right shoes can be such a struggle in the spring. You don’t want to wear flats or sandals when it’s cold in the morning and you have to trek across campus to get to class, but you also don’t want to be stuck in knee-high boots when it’s warmed up by over 20 degrees in the afternoon. The logical solution: opt for something in between! Ankle boots are perfect for spring weather, because they’ll keep you warm enough in the mornings, but not too warm that you’re sweating when the temperature rises later in the day. Try to get at least one waterproof pair so that you’re prepared for those rainy days, which as we all know, are all too common in the spring.

  3. If you don’t already have one, get a denim jacket! Denim jackets are a must-have in the spring. They’re not too heavy, but they’ll also provide you with a protective layer when it’s just a little too cold to step outside without a coat.

  4. Find ways to accessorize! In the winter, I find that I’m so weighed down by many layers as well as thick scarves and winter gloves, that I don’t really want to add any other accessories to my outfit. Take advantage of the slightly warmer spring weather to accessorize any way that you want. Personally, I love adding colorful, dangly earrings to my spring aesthetic. Some other ideas include: printed scarves, statement necklaces, and chunky belts.

  5. Mix-and-match pieces from your wardrobe. Not so much a tip directly related to spring weather, put this piece of advice is invaluable when you’re on a budget and/or are using a tiny dorm wardrobe. If you find yourself getting tired of the clothes that you have, you don’t have to actually go out and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe to feel refreshed. Rather than pairing that sweater with jeans every time you wear it, wear it with a skirt, or layer it over a dress. Similarly vary the accessories and shoes that you wear with specific clothes in order to create new outfits with the same number of items!


And for some frizzy hair-care tips:


  1. Don’t over-wash. Unless you have very fine and greasy hair, there’s probably no reason to wash your hair every day. If you can, try not to wash it more than once every two days. Over-washing can lead to dryness, which leaves your hair looking even frizzier.

  2. Try an oil treatment. Coconut oil can add shine to your hair and reduce the appearance of frizziness. Personally, I massage just about a teaspoon of oil into my scalp and comb another teaspoon through the body of my hair. Then I leave it in for an hour and wash it off. I find that it’s super helpful in taming frizz, and also makes my hair shinier and softer!

  3. Don’t go out right after you’ve washed your hair. I’ve found that washing my hair in the morning and going outside right after, especially when it’s humid, makes my hair look even frizzier. If you can, wash your hair at night to prevent frizziness.


Personally I find that when I feel good about my style choices, I naturally feel more confident. So hopefully, these tips will help you to take on the spring semester while looking and feeling your best!