A Fake Weather Forecast for Spring (Probably Semi-Accurate)

Today, there’s probably still a tiny pinch of snow or a cold wind that burrows through your bones. And you aren’t entirely sure if the universe (or global warming. or both) are going to play a horrible April Fool’s prank on you and tell you that spring isn’t going to show up for another seven months.


Tomorrow, hopefully, there’s a little patch of sunlight that peeks out. But, oh, and there it goes. The sun was out when you were inside the building. Damn it all. Hopefully you get luckier tomorrow.


Summer seems to have come two days later. As sweat trickles down the back of your neck (you should’ve worn layers instead of that winter top), thoughts of Global Warming (big letters) are probably concerning you right around now. You try to not panic and think about the impending apocalypse and go about your day. (When is Earth Day, again? Shoot, why are solar powered cars so freaking expensive?).


It’s somewhere in the middle of the week now. Time has lost its meaning. Beware of the void. You go outside and every day of weather is starting to look the same. You wonder if you’ve entered an alternate reality.


Nearing the end of the week, you’re still shocked by the concept that the sun doesn’t go down at 2 PM like it did in winter. Now you feel guilty if you sleep through the day. At least when it was winter, you could claim it was “night” or “early morning” because the sun was gone.


And. It rained again. Typical.