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Everything You Need to Know About the New Hampshire Primary

Have questions about the nation’s first primary? Look no further! Here’s everything you need to know about the first in the nation primary! 


1. The New Hampshire presidential primary will take place on Tuesday, February 11th.


2. You can (most likely) vote in the New Hampshire primary! If you’re a U.S. citizen and are a student who lives in New Hampshire, you have the right to vote in the first in the nation primary. If you have more questions about voting in New Hampshire, see this link.


3. New Hampshire has same day voter registration, so if you’re not registered yet, but still want to vote in the nation’s first primary, you can still do it! You’ll be able to register at your polling place on February 11th.


4. If you choose to vote in New Hampshire, as opposed to another state’s primary, your vote will likely carry more weight. Unfortunately, the nominating process does not allocate equal power to residents of every state, so if you live in New Hampshire, you should take advantage of your situation. Not only is New Hampshire an early voting state, but it’s very small. Therefore, if you vote in the Granite State, your vote actually carries a lot of weight and can shape the nominating process. 


5. Curious about the candidates on the ballot? Check out this link.


Whether you choose to vote in New Hampshire or in a different state, it’s incredibly important to exercise your right. Your voice matters, so make sure to get out and vote so that it’s heard! 

Aishu Sritharan

Dartmouth '20

Aishu Sritharan is a member of the Dartmouth College class of 2020.
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