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EASY Changes in Your Everyday Routine to Help the Environment

We all know that the environment is currently suffering – especially under our extreme plastic consumption. Yet, there are a few very simple things you can do to reduce your plastic consumption and help the environment.


  1. If you order takeout, do not take any plastic silverware.  

  2. Don’t use plastic straws. (You can even buy a metal straw if you really want to use a straw!)

  3. Whenever you go shopping, use a reusable bag. There are so many cute ones out there.

  4. Never use plastic water bottles again. Always use a reusable bottle.

  5. Get yourself some beeswax wrap – you can use that instead of plastic wrap and reuse it hundreds of times. (Bonus: it smells so good!)

  6. Buy a reusable cup to get your coffee or smoothie. (I have done that before and people appreciate it so much!)

  7. If you go to places like “Sweetgreen”, bring your own Tupperware box, so that they can put your salad in there. (I have also done that and they were really impressed.)


I hope these tips helped you!


Paula is the Social Media manager for Her Campus at Dartmouth College. In addition to managing the social media platforms, she enjoys writing about Health, Beauty and Food. Paula is originally from Germany, but lived in London during 8th Grade, attended High School in New York City and has now been attending Dartmouth College for the last 2 years. She is extremely passionate about her YouTube Channel (Paula Joline) and her Instagram account (@paula.joline_nyc), where she enjoys telling people in Germany about life in America and people in the United States about what it is like to go to college.
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